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Principles For Developing Ethical Individualism

0. Cultivate Individual Life And Truth
1. Question Your Acts As Free Or Not
2. Strive For True Knowledge That Unifies Self-World
3. Practice Pure Thinking
4. Continually Correct Your World-Pictures
5. Develop True Judgment By Rightly Applying Concepts To The World
6. Individualize Concepts Into Reality-Based Ideas
7. Find The Cognitive Power To Answer Your Questions
8. Find Feeling And Will In Thinking
9. Actualize The Concept Of The Free Spirit
10. Obey The Impulse Of Freedom
11. Envision Purpose Into Your Life
12. Creatively Translate Ideals Into Concrete Goals
13. Achieve The Goal With An Empowered Will Sustained By Intuitions
14. Identify As Your True Self, An Ethical Individualist

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The original 1894 Preface of TPOF begins in Anthropomorphism (Naturalism). This expands out into the Tones Intuitionism (Part I of TPOF, Theory Of Freedom) and Theism (Part II of TPOF Reality Of Freedom). Then Part I and Part II  become 7 chapters according to the 7 Moods (the way one pursues knowledge). Then each chapter becomes an introduction that expresses the chapter theme and Mood followed by 12 worldviews or 12 different perspectives on the chapter theme.

"So does a widespread Anthropomorphism arise in the world. If one goes out beyond man in himself, as one must go out to Sun and Moon for an explanation of the phenomenon of the Earth — something that present-day science does not do — then one comes to recognize three different things, Theism, Intuitionism and Naturalism side by side and each with its justification. For it is not by insisting on one of these tones, but by letting them sound together, that one arrives at the truth. And just as our intimate corporeal relation with Sun, Moon and Earth is placed in the midst of the seven planets, so Anthropomorphism is the world-outlook nearest to the harmony that can sound forth from Theism, Intuitionism and Naturalism, while this harmony again is closest to the conjoined effect of the seven psychic moods; and these seven moods are shaded according to the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

You see, it is not true to talk in terms of one cosmic conception, but of 12 + 7 == 19 + 3 == 22 + 1 == 23 cosmic conceptions which all have their justification. We have twenty-three legitimate names for cosmic conceptions." Human And Cosmic Thought by Rudolf Steiner


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