1883 Goethean Science  Online  PDF  GA1-EPUB  GA1-MOBI
1886 Science of Knowing  Online   PDF  GA2-EPUB  GA2-MOBI
1892 Truth and Science   Online   PDF  GA3-EPUB   GA3-MOBI
1894 The Philosophy Of Freedom Online   PDF   Mobi   EPUB  Purchase


1887-1901 Rudolf Steiner Collected Essays  PDF in German

1898 University Education and the Demands of the Present Time by Rudolf Steiner (people want bottom up, not top down)

1897 Rudolf Steiner Thoughts About Theosophists And Spiritualists by Rudolf Steiner

1898 Rudolf Steiner correspondence with individualist anarchist John Henry Mackay by Rudolf Steiner and John Mackay

 1889 Egoism in Philosophy by Rudolf Steiner

1892 Truth And Knowledge Practical Conclusion What is Freedom? by Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner History up to 1900 by Peter Staudenmaier


1918 From Symptom To Reality in Modern History Lecture VI: Brief Reflections on the Publication of the New Edition of 'The Philosophy of Freedom' by Rudolf Steiner

Philosophy of Freedom Summary by Dr. Pouse Poulose

Why Philosophy Of Freedom By Rudolf Steiner Is The Anarchist Bible by Tarjei Straume

Anthroposophical Anarchism by Tarjei Straume

A Declaration Of Human Dignity by  Herbert Witzenmann

Ethical-Freedom in Kant by Johannes Kreyenbuehl

Description of pure experience by Johannes Volkelt

Aha The Cognitive Neuroscience Of Insight (PDF) by John Kounios and Mark Beeman

What is the Point of Free Speech When There is No Free Thought? by Sofo Archon

Goethe, Kant and Intuitive Thinking in Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Spiritual Activity (Online) (PDF) by Michael Muschalle 

The Boundaries of Natural Science by Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner – Moralist, Libertine or Amoralist by Tudor Georgescu



Community Building Awakening To Community  Lecture VI by Rudolf Steiner (illustrated)

Reflections On Community Building Part 1 by Marjorie Spock (illustrated)
Reflections On Community Building  Part 2 by Marjorie Spock (illustrated)

The Art Of Goethean Conversation by Marjorie Spock


Social Democracy Is A Materialistic Belief by Rudolf Steiner

Practical Introduction To The Observation Of Thinking PDF by Merijn Fagard

Human Being Stands In The Center by Peter Normann Waage

The Causality of Thinking by Michael Muschalle

Heart Thinkingby Lori MacKinder, M.A.

Conflict Between Heart and Intellect by Rudolf Steiner

Mysticism Is A Superficial World View by Rudolf Steiner

GAS Executive Council Official Letter to explain expulsions

The Being Of The Internet by Sergei Prokofieff (lol)

Where is the limit to knowledge? by David Wertheim Aymes

Rudolf Steiner the Humanist by Peter Normann Waage

Mysticism is a superficial worldview by Rudolf Steiner

Philosophy Of Freedom quotes of Rudolf Steiner

The Definition of "Psychology"- Study Of Mind (soul-spirit) by Gene Zimmer

Rudolf Steiner's Epistemology (Kant and Hume) by Mark Hancock

The Power Within Thinking by Tom Last

The Question of Freedom by Tom Last