MISSION: To transform individuals and the world by providing knowledge of the ideas in The Philosophy Of Freedom.
"At the back of my mind there always lurked this question: how could the epoch be persuaded to accept the ideas of The Philosophy of Freedom?"

Message To Each Individual
"If you follow the path indicated here, you will attain what you seek to achieve by your imperfect means, and much else besides (and I am convinced that, if one is imbued with The Philosophy of Freedom, one dares to say that) — then light would dawn."

Message To Humankind
"Humankind must realize how the world would be transformed if the meaning of freedom were understood, freedom not in the sense of license, but freedom born of a free spirit and a firmly disciplined mind. If people understood what freedom and its establishment would signify for the world, then the light which many seek today would lighten the prevailing darkness of our time."

The Way To Peace
The underlying thought-structure of The Philosophy Of freedom is the 12 worldviews indicated in Steiner's Human And Cosmic Thought lectures so by learning TPOF you also learn the 12 views. Why is learning the 12 worldviews important?
"The task confronting Spiritual Science is to act as peacemaker among the various world-outlooks. The way to peace is to realize that the world-outlooks conjointly, in their reciprocal action on one another, can be in a certain sense explained, but that they cannot lead into the inner nature of truth if they remain one-sided. One must experience in oneself the truth-value of the different world-outlooks, in order — if one may say so — to be in agreement with truth." H&CT

The Philosophy Of Freedom is completely independent from anthroposophy.
“this book occupies a position completely independent of my writings on actual spiritual scientific matters... What I have said in this book may be acceptable even to some who, for reasons of their own, refuse to have anything to do with the results of my researches into the spiritual realm.” POF, 1918 Preface to the Revised Edition

“You will find nothing at all in The Philosophy of Freedom that is derived from clairvoyant communications of spiritual science. It is written for the express purpose of disciplining thinking without any mention of theosophy.”

Removal Of Barriers To Study
The barriers to learning The Philosophy Of Freedom have been removed with the following:
1. New translation
2. Thought Structure (topic headings indicate viewpoint shifts)
3. Study Cards

Spirit of The Philosophy Of Freedom
In the 1890's Rudolf Steiner was filled with the Spirit of The Philosophy Of Freedom. In need of a platform to express this Spirit, Steiner bought into an established literary journal "Magazin für Literatur". He became chief editor and wrote articles on cultural topics of the day in an effort to persuade people to accept the ideas of The Philosophy of Freedom.

"If you are prepared to take the trouble, you will find that everything I wrote for the Magazin is imbued with the spirit of The Philosophy of Freedom."

We too at philosophyoffreedom.com are filled with the spirit of The Philosophy Of Freedom and are using the platforms of this website, a YouTube channel, and Twitter as platforms to persuade people, including some anthroposophists and some anthroposophical innitiatives, to accept the ideas of The Philosophy of Freedom. If you would like to collaborate Contact Tom.

The ideas of The Philosophy of Freedom lay the foundation of Ethical Individualism and building a pro-human social order for "We are human in the fullest sense only in so far as we are free." TPOF 9.11

"The purpose of The Philosophy Of Freedom is to lay the foundation of Ethical Individualism and of a social and political life."

What is needed is a Science Of Freedom
"When we look at the present epoch and the new trends, we perceive that what is lacking is precisely what The Philosophy of Freedom seeks to achieve. On a basis of freedom of thought The Philosophy of Freedom establishes a science of freedom which is fully in accord with natural science, yet reaches beyond it. For if freedom without the solid foundation of a science of freedom were regarded as real freedom, then, in an age when evil is gaining ground, freedom would of necessity lead not to liberty, but to license."

The time of decision is around the end of the Twentieth Century when we will either stand at the grave of civilization in a War of All against All or turn toward a spiritualized culture. Rudolf Steiner GA 240

Peace Based On Freedom, Not Justice Or Force
We are in the midst of decisive culture war that will determine the course of history. No one wants to be denied their freedoms. They will resist. Empty slogans of "No Justice No Peace" use divisive social upheaval and fear to impose moral codes. Politicians are working with big tech oligarchies to restrict free speech and free choice. The only way to peace is to ensure freedom for all.

"Freedom is the only word which has a ring of immediate truth today… If, instead of such slogans as peace founded on justice, or peace imposed by force, people would only speak of peace based on freedom, then this word would echo round the world and kindle in the hearts of all a sense of security."

Rudolf Steiner quotes source link: 1918 From Symptom To Reality in Modern History Lecture VI: Brief Reflections on the Publication of the New Edition of 'The Philosophy of Freedom'

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