Sensationalist Personality In TPOF

1.12 Sensationalist action: Seeing The Good
“Many pass by these good qualities without noticing them. One, however, sees them, and just because he does, love awakens in his heart.”

2.12 Sensationalist pursuit of knowledge: Facts Without Interpretation
“So far my purpose has been solely to record the facts of how we experience everyday life. I am not concerned with how science has interpreted consciousness, but with how we experience it from moment to moment."

3.12 Sensationalist thinking: Rightly Applied Thought
“Thought is a fact and it is meaningless to speak of a fact as being right or wrong. At most I can have doubts about whether thought is rightly applied.”

4.12 Sensationalist perception: Real Senses
“For only my real eye and my real hand could have the ideas of sun and earth as their modifications—my ideas “eye” and “hand” could not.”

5.12 Sensationalist knowing: Objective Percept
“A percept always appears as a very specific, concrete content. This content is directly given and is completely contained in what is given. "...the objective percept occurs when the object is present in the field of one’s vision.”

6.12 Sensationalist individual representation of reality: Living Concept
“Feeling is the means by which concepts first gain concrete life.”

7.12 Sensationalist cognition: Objective Real World Continuum
“His deliberations concerning the process of cognition has convinced him of the existence of an objectively real world continuum. He believes he is able to determine the nature of this objective reality by drawing conclusions inductively from his percepts.”

8.12 Sensationalist personality: World Will
“it asserts the existence of will in realms where it is not possible to experience it directly in the same way as it is in one’s own subject. A hypothetical principle is assumed outside the subject, for which the sole criteria for its existence is subjective experience.”

9.12 Sensationalist idea to act: Social Order
“the individual would become stunted with prolonged isolation outside human society. This is why the social order is formed, so that it can react back favorably on the individual.”

10.12 Sensationalist moral authority: Freedom Is Morality
“Human morality, like human knowledge, is conditioned by human nature. ...morality is a specifically human quality, and freedom is the human way of being moral.”

11.12 Sensationalist purpose: World Being
“A Dualist can talk of world purposes and nature purposes. Where we see an example of a systematic linking of cause and effect according to law, a Dualist is free to assume that what we are seeing is only a faint copy of a relationship within which the absolute world being has realized his purpose.”

12.12 Sensationalist moral idea: Enslaved Spirit
“External powers may prevent me from doing what I want. Then they simply damn me to do nothing. Not until they enslave my spirit, drive my motives out of my head, and put their own motives in the place of mine, do they really intend to make me unfree.”

13.12 Sensationalist value of life: Joy Of Achievement
“he finds the true enjoyment of life in achieving what he wants. He determines the value of life by comparing what he has achieved with the goals striven for.”

14.12 Sensationalist individuality: Moral Contribution
“Monism looks upon the history of the moral life, not as the education of the human race by a transcendent God, but as the gradual living out in practice of all concepts and ideas that spring from the moral imagination.”

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