Jordan Peterson And Rudolf Steiner

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The Epic Battle For Freedom
"Those souls who cooperate with Rudolf Steiner in the task of liberating the human race appear like comets in cultural life unsupported by interest groups." R.A.Savoldelli German article

note: Everyone has their price, including Jordan Peterson. This material is based on the old Jordan Peterson before he made a multi-million dollar deal with Daily Wire and became a biased Israel apologist abandoning his pursuit of truth. Peterson has also had mental health issues exacerbated by use of psychactrict drugs.

Updating Philosophy Of Freedom
An unkown Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson, has roared upon the scene filled with the spirit of The Philosophy Of Freedom and teaching many of the same principles based on psychological and cognitive research. Steiner developed Ethical Individualism out of philosophy. Peterson has developed it out of psychology and evolution theory.

"The same Ethical Individualism which I have developed on the basis of the preceding principles, might be equally well developed on the basis of the theory of evolution." --Rudolf Steiner TPOF 12.7

Jordan Peterson
Dr. Peterson, born in Canada 100 years after Rudolf Steiner, is picking it up where Steiner left off, not as a philosopher or mystic, but better suited to our time as a psychologist. Dr. Peterson's main areas of study are the psychology of religious and ideological belief, and the assessment and improvement of personality and performance. Dr. Peterson says we should express our inner truth, which is the essential teaching of Ethical Individualism. He teaches the book’s principles of truth, individuality and freedom --the journey of the heroic individual. He also teaches basic principles of anthroposophy such as elements of Christianity, the Logos, the value of archetypes found in ancient myths, and encountering your shadow.

Here’s Why I’m So Bloody Obsessed With Free Speech..

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