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LIVE: NEW FAIR Curriculum

See the introduction of the FAIR Pro-Human Learning Standards (healthy and legal alternative to critical race theory anti-racism curriculum). Much of CRT is illegal for racial stereotyping and labeling students oppressed/oppressor. Waldorf schools that teach it may soon be facing lawsuits. The FAIR curriculum resources and lesson plans are coming in August.

FAIR core learning concepts

"How can we understand the diversity of different cultural, ancestral backgrounds in the light of our common humanity? How can we understand each other with our different backgrounds, unique talents, and abilities with an emphasis on fairness for all?"

Teacher Dana Stangel-Plowe Speaks Out Against Damage To Students Of Anti-Racist School

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Join FAIR Waldorf

FAIR - Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism
You are invited to become a founding member of the FAIR Waldorf Schools chapter whose mission is to advocate fairness for all rooted in dignity and our common humanity. FAIR offers an alternative to the controversial teaching of critical race theory in Waldorf Schools. "It's not enough just to be anti-racist, we also need to be pro-human." Contact Tom to get involved. FAIR provides education, training and support for Waldorf School teachers, parents and friends who advocate for pro-human fairness for all.



How to protect your children from CRITICAL SOCIAL JUSTICE indoctrination

Increasingly, American institutions — colleges and universities, businesses, government, the media and even our children’s schools — are enforcing a cynical and intolerant orthodoxy. This orthodoxy requires us to identify ourselves and each other based on immutable characteristics like skin color, gender and sexual orientation. It

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Pro-Human Waldorf Inspired Schools

Many Waldorf Schools have declared themselves to be anti-racist and now embrace Marxist inspired critical race theory that many consider harmful to children. I receive requests from parents looking for Pro-Human Rudolf Steiner inspired education free from CRT. List your pro-human school or initiative here:

SW Austin, Texas
Position: Fourth Grade Class Teacher
Position: Fifth Grade Class Teacher
Position: Movement and Games Teacher

The Horror of Teaching Critical Race Theory to Kids

New Waldorf School Curriculum

Our nation and schools have been divided over the implementation of a cynical and intolerant critical race theory orthodoxy that requires us to identify ourselves based on the color of our skin. FAIR Waldorf will have an alternative curriculum in August that upholds the pro-human principles of Waldorf education, The Philosophy Of Freedom and reaffirms the civil rights dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Philosophy Of Freedom Chapter #'s

00. To Be Human Means To Cultivate Unique Individuality
0. To Be Human Means To Be Empowered By Truth
1. To Be Human Means To Act Consciously
2. To Be Human Means To Desire Knowledge
3. To Be Human Means To Think
4. To Be Human Means To Give Meaning To The World
5. To Be Human Means To Conceptualize The World
6. To Be Human Means To Experience Reality
7. To Be Human Means No Limits To Knowledge
8. To Be Human Means To Know Yourself
9. To Be Human Means To Love The Objective
10. To Be Human Means To Obey Only Yourself
11. To Be Human Means To Have Purpose
12. To Be Human Means To Act Ethically
13. To Be Human Means To Value Achievement
14. To Be Human Means To Live Free

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"The purpose of The Philosophy Of Freedom is to lay the foundation of Ethical Individualism and of a social and political life."  Rudolf Steiner

AWSNA pressures Waldorf Schools to see the world through the lens of racism with Anti-Racist Survey.

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Peace Based on Freedom, Not Social Justice and its use of Force

"Freedom is the only word which has a ring of immediate truth today… If, instead of such slogans as peace founded on justice, or peace imposed by force, people would only speak of peace based on freedom, then this word would echo round the world and kindle in the hearts of all a sense of security." Rudolf Steiner 

The time of decision is around the end of the Twentieth Century when we will either stand at the grave of civilization in a War of All against All or turn toward a spiritualized culture. Rudolf Steiner GA 240

Rudolf Steiner's suggested tactics for winning the Culture War
1. Expose false claims of injustice.
2. Show that if you follow the path of social justice you will not attain what you seek to achieve in life.
3. Show that if you follow the path of real freedom you will attain what you seek to achieve in life and much more. (freedom born of a free spirit and a firmly disciplined mind)

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