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Jordan Peterson: When The Catastrophe Comes

You can ask yourself this question: When things collapse around you, how much utility is knowledge of your own moral virtue? It’s bad to be laid low, but worse to be laid low and to know that you were at fault for it and that the things you did that you knew were wrong brought you...
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The Philosophy Of Freedom is a guide to True Knowledge (inner truth) and to our True Self.

True knowledge empowers creative action. Knowledge of our True Self makes it possible to actualize our true self in outward life.

This edition translated by Hoernle in 1916 is the ONLY original, unrevised edition of "The Philosophy Of Freedom." Available on Amazon ($9.80 priced at cost). Warning: The Kindle edition sold on Amazon is not Hoernle.
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April 27 Update: Dr. Peterson is continuing to recover and is close to finishing his new book. A more detailed personal update from Dr. Peterson will be forthcoming soon.

JP: I am currently in the process of writing my next book and I am searching for an illustrator to produce twelve black-and-white line drawings. As this is the companion book for “12 Rules for Life,” the new illustrations should bear some resemblance to their predecessors, although they do not have to precisely duplicate their style. You can find details on my last blog post at (link )


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Israel pressures Google to cut off Press TV (Iran) from its broadcast channel on YouTube. Again Israel determines what information US citizens have access to violating our ideals of free speech. Stand up to Israel by supporting the Israel boycott (BDS)
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Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War

Peace Based On Freedom, Not Justice or Force
"Freedom is the only word which has a ring of immediate truth today… If, instead of such slogans as peace founded on justice, or peace imposed by force, people would only speak of peace based on freedom, then this word would echo round the world and kindle in the hearts of all a sense of security." Rudolf Steiner quote

P4 Rudolf Steiner: Winning The Culture War With A Science Of Freedom
Transcripts are here.

P3 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War To Unify The People

 P2 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War Of Human Nature

 P1 Rudolf Steiner: Origin Of The Culture War

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The Philosophy Of Freedom Values - Truth, Individuality, and Freedom
The Philosophy Of Freedom is the most important work of German Philosopher Rudolf Steiner. It was written in the 1890’s for the increasing conceptual power of scientific thinking that produced the rapid rise in technology. It is a science of freedom that places human evolution toward freedom on a scientific basis.

Postmodern Neo-Marxist Values (social justice movement) - Blind Passion, Tribalism, Cultural Determinism
The values of Steiner’s Philosophy Of Freedom—Truth, Individuality, and Freedom— are opposed today by Postmodern Neo-Marxism that began with radical social protests in the late 1960’s. The value of truth is replaced with blind passion, individualism is replaced with tribalism, and freedom is replaced with cultural determinism. Postmodern Neo-Marxism is the underlying ideology of the today's Social Justice Movement expressed in Political Correctness.


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The Philosophy Of Freedom is a guide to true knowledge

The Philosophy Of Freedom is a guide to true knowledge. Human evolution is threatened by social and political movements such as socialism, political correctness and social justice. This is the result of errors in thought such as conformity, the illusion of freedom, one-sided views, everyday thought, perception bias and false conclusions. I am working on 15 principles of true knowledge and true self taken from The Philosophy Of Freedom. 
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Strivings Of The Ethical Individualist - Updating

Each one of us is either evolving forward toward our True Self or falling back. To move forward it’s essential to know where you are going, otherwise we will often get lost by taking wrong turns. Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy Of Freedom is a map that guides us to True Knowledge and our True Self. -- I went through the chapters in the book and came up with 15 strivings of the Ethical Individualist that leads to True Knowledge in Part I and our True Self as a free spirit in Part II. Upcoming videos will be on these strivings. -- DISCLAIMER: These are the strivings of mature individuals who are no longer content following their animal instincts or conforming to the rules of social tribes but are are willing to think for themselves. Human development moves through three stages. Nature makes us natural beings, society makes us law-abiding beings, only the individual alone can make himself a free being.
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