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Rudolf Steiner wrote The Philosophy Of Freedom. Part I is a Hero's Journey to True Knowledge and Part II is a Hero's Journey to your True Self.

THE ORDINARY WORLD: The Hero's Journey begins in our ordinary life of group think and group identity. My group determines how I should think, how I should behave and my social position, yet I remain under the illusion that I am free.

THE CALL: Eventually, a point of maturity is reached when a person hears the call to freedom. A life of conditioned responses and group conformity is not satisfying. He asks, What is the source of my ideas and What are the real reasons for my actions? Obviously, I cannot be free if I produce no ideas and only follow others. Does my life have any real value without freedom? But is freedom even possible?

MEET THE MENTOR: Centuries of philosophical debate have not been able to conclusively answer the question of freedom. By chance, I came across Rudolf Steiner who points to an experience of freedom in his book "The Philosophy Of Freedom." Steiner is not just another speculating philosopher. He presents a science of freedom that is a map to guide the journey to free thought and free deeds. The path begins by overcoming the weakness caused by uncertainty and doubts. Steiner's path to true knowledge empowers each one of us with conviction, the conviction found only in truth that springs from within.

CROSSING THE THRESHOLD: True knowledge cannot be reached in ordinary thinking and perception. Thinking must be disciplined to cross the threshold into the realm of universal concepts. This is the place of pure thinking where thought is guided by thought. Before we can understand anything else, thinking must be understood.

LOST IN THE ABYSS: Within the world of thought I become lost in the abyss of abstract conceptual systems. How can I know anything other than my ideas? I am enclosed within my subjective world of ideas and cannot escape from it. Reactive thinking immediately inserts my ideas between myself and the perceived world blinding me to the real world.

THE TREASURE: Life is difficult for a person who is unable to grasp reality. Eventually, a person learns that if their thoughts do not apply to the world, then their judgments are wrong. The way out is to recognize that the world causes thoughts in the mind. When selflessly observing the world a conceptual intuition arises within me to make the world intelligible. True judgment is a skill that depends on developing the powers of intuition. It requires finding the thought that corresponds to my observation and placing the thing in its proper context.

TRANSFORMATION: Having grasped the conceptual essence of a thing, I can now individualize the concept by relating it to my unique individuality. Now my creative ideas are reality-based. If my feeling life is devoid of thought I will lose all connection with the world. But knowledge transforms my feeling-life. Gaining knowledge educates and develops my feelings. I become a true individuality by purifying my feelings, by reaching up with my feelings as high as possible into the region of ideals.

THE RETURN: I make my return with new powers of cognition. Now the "world of appearance" reveals its true nature to me. When I know what to make of the world, it is an easy task to orient myself within it.

By completing the Hero's Journey to True Knowledge we have become a cognizing or knowing being. Now we must enter into a new Hero's Journey to become a free being.

THE CALL: The journey to become a free spirit begins with a call to self-knowledge. I turn my developed cognitive abilities toward integrating my personality by understanding my feelings and acts of will. If I turn away from thinking and towards "mere" feeling and will, these lose for me their genuine reality. The challenge is to find both feeling and will in the intuitive experience of thinking, then I experience an outpouring of spiritual love.

MEET THE MENTOR: Only I alone can transform myself into my true self. But before this is possible I must be able to answer the question, "What is a free spirit?" How can I expect to become a free spirit if I do not know what it is? I have to find the concept of the free spirit. Again, I turn to Rudolf Steiner. He provides me with the idea of freedom in Part II of The Philosophy Of Freedom.

CROSSING THE THRESHOLD: As an unfree person I submit to the moral authority of those wiser and more powerful than myself, until I realize these authorities are just weak human beings like myself. The driving force of a free spirit is an ethical impulse to act that springs from intuition. Experiencing the impulse of freedom began a new life for me. I now obey only myself by allowing this impulse to express itself in life.

LOST IN THE ABYSS: What is my destiny? Is there a purpose to the world or to life that has predetermined my life's journey? I am told that my course in life has already been determined by others, by the laws of nature, by the course of history, by cosmic purposes. No, I set my own life purposes. My task, as a free spirit, is at every moment the one I choose.

THE TREASURE: Before making a decision, an unfree person will ask, What have others done or What has God commanded be done? A free spirit makes a completely original decision. He cares very little about what others have done. Performing a free deed is a skill that requires developing the capacity of moral intuition and moral imagination. It also requires the general scientific knowledge of moral technique. Moral intuition is the intuitive selection of an ethical principle to suit a particular situation. Moral imagination is the creative translation of the ethical principle into a concrete goal. And moral technique is the technical implementation of the goal into the world without causing harm. The ethical individualists true joy of life is achieving free deeds.

TRANSFORMATION: The Pessimist says the egotistical striving for pleasure does not lead to satisfaction. Instead, we should submit ourselves to the selfless service of cultural progress. The Pessimist does not understand the transformation a person undergoes to become a free spirit. The highest pleasure of the free spirit is the achievement of his idealistic goals. Ethics depends on a strong will empowered by ideal intuitions that achieves its goal even though the path is full of thorns. A true individuality is his own master.

THE RETURN: Having emancipated myself from the characteristic traits of my group type, I live within community as an independent free spirit. My contribution to advance the moral life of the community is conduct that springs from intuition. As an Ethical Individualist I live out in practice the ideas of my moral imagination.

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9741840265?profile=RESIZE_710xThe infamous Salem witch trials began during the spring of 1692, after a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft. Today the hysteria sweeping the country are accusations of White Supremacy.

The Eugene Waldorf School has called upon Buffalo Cloud Consulting to convene white supremacy court to cleanse the school of white supremacy. Christine Moses, CEO of Buffalo Cloud Consulting, says:

"Healing from white supremacy culture is a lifelong process. It requires a willingness to sit with very uncomfortable truths."

Seriously, I received an email about what is happening at Eugene Waldorf School.

I wanted to bring you up to date with how the critical social justice theory movement has infiltrated the Eugene Waldorf School. I feel this is indicative of how things are developing in many AWSNA schools. The school has this group come in and work with the teachers and staff. A grant was provided to the school to do this sort of indoctrination.

Here is the website of the organization hired by the school to conduct these trainings:

The school shares this in their newsletter:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Last spring, EWS received a generous donation to assist our teachers and staff to continue our path and study of DEIB work for our school. Last Friday we participated in a workshop with Buffalo Cloud Consulting. The topics we spoke about together with facilitators, Christine Moses and Kura Myrrlin, included our capacity for vulnerability, brave spaces, and an invitation to participate in a life long trauma informed journey.

Teachers and staff are in the process of scheduling DEIB, trauma sensitive school and restorative practices workshops this school year.

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This week FAIR Schools was launched, a program for schools committed to the FAIR Pledge to promote a common culture based on fairness, understanding, and humanity.

FAIR Schools provide an inclusive learning experience that recognizes our unique identities and common humanity, while fostering an environment of curiosity, critical inquiry, and a diversity of opinions and perspectives.

A FAIR School will implement training, standards, and curricula that uphold FAIR’s pro-human values and will commit to treating students, teachers, and staff with fairness and understanding regardless of their immutable traits or circumstances of their birth. All schools—private, public, charter, religious, secular—are encouraged to apply.

Get more information about FAIR Schools here.

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PUTIN Calls The Woke Revolution A Marxist Revolution (he should know)

Here is a brief overview of the core beliefs of the Woke Revolution.

Persuasion—the purpose of argument—is replaced with public shaming.
Moral complexity is replaced with moral certainty.
Facts are replaced with feelings.
Ideas are replaced with identity.
The equality of opportunity is replaced with equality of outcome.
Merit is replaced with metrics.
Forgiveness is replaced with punishment.
Debate is replaced with de-platforming.
Diversity is replaced with homogeneity of thought.
Inclusion is replaced with exclusion.

In this ideology, speech is violence.
But violence in the name of social justice, is not violence at all.
Bullying is wrong, unless you are bullying the right people, in which case it’s very good.
Education is not about teaching people how to think, it’s about reeducating them in what to think.
The need to feel safe trumps the need to speak truthfully.
If you do not tweet the right tweet or share the right slogan, your whole life can be ruined.
The past cannot be understood on its own terms, but must be judged through the morals and mores of the present.
Intentions don’t matter.
If everyone doesn’t finish the race at the same time, the course must have been defective.
You are guilty for the sins of your fathers.
You are not you. You are only a mere avatar of your race or your religion or your class.
We are all placed neatly on a spectrum of “privileged” to “oppressed.”
Having privilege means that your character and your ideas are tainted.
Racism is no longer about discrimination based on the color of someone’s skin.
If there are disparate outcomes between racial groups the only possible cause is racism.
We are all either racist or anti-racist.
To be a Good Person you must be an “anti-racist."
There is no such thing as “not racist.”
Skeptics of any part of this radical ideology are recast as heretics.
Those who do not abide by every single aspect of its creed are tarnished as bigots and subjected to boycotts.
The Enlightenment has been replaced by the exorcism.
What we call “cancel culture” is really the justice system of this revolution.
The goal of the cancellations is to send a message to everyone else: Step out of line and you are next.
It has worked. 62 percent of Americans are afraid to voice their true views.

The thing that has allowed for this to happen is cowardice, the force that stops this cultural revolution can also be summed up by one word: courage.
Liberty. Equality. Freedom. Dignity. These are ideas worth fighting for.

source: We Got Here Because of Cowardice. We Get Out With Courage
Say no to the Woke Revolution by Bari Weiss

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Vaccine Mandates, Where Are They Taking Us?

More than a hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner wrote the following:

" In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a 'healthy point of view', there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.

To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted the task of removing the soul of humanity. As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or that disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the "madness" of spiritual life. He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience, and that is the true goal of some materialistic circles.

With such a vaccine, you can easily make the etheric body loose in the physical body. Once the etheric body is detached, the relationship between the universe and the etheric body would become extremely unstable, and man would become an automaton, for the physical body of man must be polished on this Earth by spiritual will. So, the vaccine becomes a kind of arymanique force; man can no longer get rid of a given materialistic feeling. He becomes materialistic of constitution and can no longer rise to the spiritual ".

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