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The Philosophy Of Freedom lays the foundation for an ethical individualism and a progressive social and political life.

A progressive stands for progress that improves the human condition rather than maintaining things as they are.

Being a progressive does not refer to any external institution, it is a state of mind. It is an attitude through which a person, aware of himself or herself as one among a valued global community of individuals, comes nearest to living up to the ideal of human worth and dignity.

Essential to human dignity is freedom; freedom of thought, morality and action. The ethical individualist is a self-determining free individuality who acts out of knowledge.

Key Terms Of Ethical Individualism

Each chapter in The Philosophy Of Freedom has an essential term to learn for building understanding for what Ethical Individualism is.


(universal cognitive ideas)
(individual moral ideas)
0. Striving For Individuality   
1. Striving For Freedom action 14. Free Individuality
2. Striving For Knowledge desire 13. Moral Ideals
3. Conceptual Thinking thought 12. Moral Imagination
4. Perception Bias perception 11. Purposeful Life
5. Conceptual Intuition conception 10. Obey Yourself
6. Individualized Concept   individualization      9. Moral Intuition
7. Whole Reality cognition 8. Whole Personality      

Striving For Individuality (6 videos)

The following 6 videos animate the text in the opening of Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom called The Goal Of Knowledge. This is the first group of a series of videos being produced for each chapter. Work is currently being done on the next series Striving For Freedom that will animate Chapter 1, Conscious Human Action.

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Apartheid Is Inevitable In A Jewish State

A democracy will strive for the ideal of equality for each individual. Forming a religious State establishes from the beginning that all people will never be equal. It was inevitable that the "Jewish" State Of Israel would become an apartheid State, otherwise non-Jews might gain power. A Jewish State cannot exist without the oppression of the "Others". 

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  • I believe the universal humanism of Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom comes closest to describing the ideals of many progressives. I am wanting to write things that integrates what it means to be a progressive and what it means to be an ethical individualist who both strive for free thinking and free morality. The Philosophy Of Freedom is in need of people and progressives are in need of a philosophy.

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