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Steiner Hidden Essays To Be Revealed

After Rudolf Steiner published The Philosophy Of Freedom he wrote social and political essays to bring his ideas of freedom to the public. These essays have not been translated so they have remained hidden--until now! They are important as they give us an example of how to represent The Philosophy Of Freedom to the world through social and political commentary.  I got a German copy of them (over 100) and am using Google translate, which is vastly improved, to put them in English. This translation is good enough to see how Steiner is commenting on the popular views of his day on ethics, freedom and the use of science to support freedom. Below are some examples done so far. Here is a link to the essays. I am working on part II.

Moltke As Philosopher 154
Literary Mercury, XII. Jg., No. 15, April 9, 1892

Maximilian Harden "Apostate" 158
Literary Mercury, Xu. Gen., No. 27, 2 July 1892

A "Society For Ethical Culture" in Germany. .164
Literary Mercury, XII. Jg., No. 40, October 10, 1892

A "Society for Ethical Culture" 169
The Future, Volume I, No. 5, October 29, 1892

J.M.Bosch "Human Compassion" A contribution to the foundation of Scientific Ethics 176
Literary Mercury, XII. Jg., No. 50, December 17, 1892

Adolf Gerecke "The Hopelessness Of Morality" 177
Literary Mercury, XII. Jg., No. 51, December 24, 1892

Old And New Moral Concepts 180
The Future, II. Volume, No. 16, January 14, 1893

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About The Philosophy Of Freedom Study Group

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Tom Last, California, USA. 30 years study of the book, creator of
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detail chapter by chapter study of Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom.
Group method: Read and discuss.
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Meeting length: One hour, you can arrive early and stay afterward.
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Philosophy Of Freedom Study Group

What Are Philosophy Of Freedom Interactive Events?

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