Worldview Chart


  1. willing 2. feeling 3. thinking 4. perception 5. conception 6. ideation 7. cognition
 materialism  freedom of indifferent choice  materialism  exceptional state  conceptual search  awakened state of thinking  systematic change  hypothetical world principle



  8. cognition 9. ideation 10. conception 11. perception 12. thinking 13. feeling 14. willing
 materialism  feeling personality  ideal act  mechanical necessity  perceptual factor  concrete idea  happy doing good  group type
 spiritism              individual nature
 realism              judging according to character
 idealism              occupational choice
 mathematism              academic study of types
 rationalism              free thinking
 psychism              innermost core
 pneumatism              worldview and willful acts
 monadism              emancipate knowing
 dynamism              actualize free spirit
 phenomenalism              ethical conduct
 sensationalism              moral contribution
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