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We Are Ruled By The Kings Of Media

The American Revolution removed a King from ruling the colonies. But now we are ruled by the unelected Kings of the mass media and the social media. This video targets the centrist Liberalist between Left and Right. Its for the Left who support free expression (not censorship and socialism) and for the Right who support individual rights (not oligopoly and monopolies). These are the people who could form a large movement.

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You Are Invited To Join The Study Group

Study Group: The Study Group discusses The Philosophy Of Freedom (here here)  by Rudolf Steiner.

Host: Tom Last, creator of this website.

How To Join the LIVE study group:
Join the weekly Tues. group by contacting Tom and you will be sent the room password.

How To Participate online without attending the Live meetings
You can participate by posting comments to the study group videos at any time --without attending the weekly meetings.

Time: 6pm (california time) every Tuesday

Cost: None

Location: Online Zoom Room. After you join the group you will get more information about the Zoom Room.

Study Process: A paragraph by paragraph study of the book.

Spirit Of The Book: This is an originalist study of The Philosophy Of Freedom. That means we want to study it as it was originally written in the spirit Steiner wrote it in. To do this we need to be aware of who Steiner was when he wrote it and the period of his life he wrote it in. It was written in his science-minded scholar period before he turned to the occult after 1900. We will try to avoid a barrier to study described by Steiner:
“The members read it, but reading is not the same as understanding. They took what I offered, not as something issuing from my mouth or written in my books, but rather as what this one thought ‘mystical,’ that one ‘theosophical,’ another something else again.

Recording: The study group meeting is recorded and then edited down for a short video to be shared with others on YouTube. Anyone can request the removal of their comments from the video.

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Daily Meditation For The Ethical Individualist

The ethical individualist is a free thinker and a free spirit. This video is for the daily practice of meditating on principles in Rudolf Steiner's "The Philosophy Of Freedom". A principle was selected for each of 14 chapters. The free thinker principles are found in Part I while the free spirit principles are found in Part II of "The Philosophy Of Freedom". Together they describe the ethical individualist.

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