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TPOF Chapter 9 Card Set


I am creating a card deck for learning about Rudolf Steiner's The Philosophy Of Freedom and the 12 world-outlooks. The cards are used for study and thinking. As soon as they are completed chapter card sets will be posted at the banner "Cards" link above. The cards summarize a section of text according to text topic numbers in the online book.

In the Zoom study group we will be discussing the chapter card sets. Register here.




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Rudolf Steiner: Equality vs. Equity

For the Right FAIRNESS means "equality", we all have equal opportunity. For the Left FAIRNESS means "equity", we all have equal outcomes. Equality means everyone crosses the STARTING line at the same time. Equity means everyone crosses the FINISH line at the same time, no matter how much talent or individual effort they put forth. Equal opportunity allows people to blossom and to reap the benefits of their efforts. Equity stifles initiative, the desire to be creative, and the motivation to work hard. The difference between “equality” and “equity” is the difference between the freedom to choose for ourselves or the tyranny of elites who decide what is "equitable" and have the power to make choices for the rest of us.10165222058?profile=RESIZE_710x

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A parent who had recently enrolled their child into the Austin Waldorf School had been assured by the administration and their child's teacher that Critical Race Theory was “absolutely not” part of the school's program.

Open Letter to Austin Waldorf School Regarding Critical Race Theory, DEI, and The SEED Project

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