the philosophy of freedom (5)

Rules for life that correspond to chapters in Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom.
revised 4/12/21

0. Take The Path To Inner Truth Because Its More Useful
1. Know Why You Act, Otherwise Its Obvious You're Not Free
2. To Find It Outside, First Know It Within
3. Set Aside Time To Practice Pure Thinking Every Day
4. Avoid Bias By Continually Correcting Your Observations
5. Know The World By Applying Thought Correctly
6. Purify Your Emotions By Reaching Them Up Into The Region Of Ideals
7. Remain In Contact With Reality
8. Understand Your Gut Feelings To Make Sure Its Not Just Indigestion
9. To Become A Free Spirit, First Find Out What It is
10. Obey None But Yourself
11. Live A Purposeful Life By Having Purpose
12. Imagine Idealistic Goals And Implement Them Without Messing Things Up
13. To Do "Good”, Don't Do What You Ought To Do, Do What You Want To Do
14. Contribute To The Moral Life Of Humanity By Performing Free Deeds

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Rudolf Steiner 1920: "I very much wanted my Philosophy Of Freedom to sound a clarion call for the exact opposite of what we see happening today (communist revolution in Russia)... It makes it absolutely necessary for us, in our future efforts, to recognize that the social order must be built in a way that is made possible only by free thinking and by social trust... revised 4/6/2021

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Jordan Peterson and Rudolf Steiner agree that the path forward that will do the most good and protect the world from tyrannical collectivism is to strengthen the sovereignty of the individual. This is the fundamental difference between social justice ideology and freedom philosophy. Social justice ideology favors group identity and collectivism over valuing and respecting the sovereignty of the individual.

The text for the video is the first paragraph of the original 1894 unedited Philosophy Of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner. The Philosophy Of Freedom begins by describing its fundamental principle, the sovereignty of the individual. Individual sovereignty is the basis for freedom, human dignity and personal responsibility.

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Please send this video link to those who may fall prey to social justice ideology:

0:00 (14.0 The Question Of Free Individuality
1:00 (14.1 Group Type
2:00 (14.2 Emancipation From Type
3:05 (14.3 Opportunity According To Ability And Inclination
4:13 (14.4 Profession According To Merit
5:19 (14.5 Free Self-Determination
6:25 (14.6 Individual Thinking
7:06 (14.7 Individual Goals
7:41 (14.8 Individual Views And Actions
8:09 (14.9 Emancipation Of Knowing
9:35 (14.10 Emancipation Of Being
10:13 (14.11 Free Ethical Conduct
10:47 (14.12 Moral Contribution To Humanity

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