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Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War

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Video transcripts are here.

 P1 Rudolf Steiner: Origin Of The Culture War
0.00    Culture War Philosophies
0:43    The Philosophy Of Freedom
1:55    Premodern Age Of Authoritarianism
2:18    Age Of Reason Individualist
3:59    Rudolf Steiner's Ethical Individualist
4:48    Postmodern Skepticism
5:46    Frankfurt School
6:19    Institutional Oppression
7:15    Neomarxist French Intellectuals
8:08   Cultural Determinism
8:51    Intersectionality
11:51   Destiny

 P2 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War Of Human Nature
0:00   Social Views Of Human Nature
1:41    Three Stages Of Human Development
2:47    Sinful Nature Of Ancient Pagans (Natural Being)
3:44    Obedient Nature Of Medieval Church Believers (Social Being)
4:36    Rational Nature Of The Age Of Reason (Free Being)
5:40    Good Nature Of The Free Spirit - Rudolf Steiner
9:18    Obedient Nature Of The Social Justice Activist (Social Being)
9:59    Social Justice Ideology
10:50 Original Sin Of Being Born In Western Culture

P3 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War To Unify The People
0:00   Unifying The People
2:22    I. Unity In The Pagan Age
4:07    II. Unity In The Medieval Age
6:10    III. Unity In The Age Of Reason
7:30      A. Pure Reason
9:53    IV. Unity Of Individuals - Rudolf Steiner
10:50    A. Practical Reason
16:30    B. Harmony Of Intentions
24:15   V. Unity Of Justice Activists
26:31    A. Social Justice Studies
30:52   B. War Of All Against All
32:43   C. Jordan Peterson

P4 Rudolf Steiner: Winning The Culture War With A Science Of Freedom
0:00    I. The Enlightenment Vision
4:28     A. What Is Lacking In Western Civilization?
6:54     B. The Science Of Freedom
9:03    II. The Meaning Of Real Freedom
14:37    A. Nature Versus Nurture
16:19    B. The Impulse Of Freedom
20:45   C. Why The Philosophy Of Freedom Failed
26:42   III. Tactics To Win The Culture War
28:27    A. Jordan Peterson
30:29   B. What You Can Do

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Jordan Peterson: When The Catastrophe Comes

You can ask yourself this question: When things collapse around you, how much utility is knowledge of your own moral virtue? It’s bad to be laid low, but worse to be laid low and to know that you were at fault for it and that the things you did that you knew were wrong brought you...
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April 27 Update: Dr. Peterson is continuing to recover and is close to finishing his new book. A more detailed personal update from Dr. Peterson will be forthcoming soon.

JP: I am currently in the process of writing my next book and I am searching for an illustrator to produce twelve black-and-white line drawings. As this is the companion book for “12 Rules for Life,” the new illustrations should bear some resemblance to their predecessors, although they do not have to precisely duplicate their style. You can find details on my last blog post at (link )


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Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War

Peace Based On Freedom, Not Justice or Force
"Freedom is the only word which has a ring of immediate truth today… If, instead of such slogans as peace founded on justice, or peace imposed by force, people would only speak of peace based on freedom, then this word would echo round the world and kindle in the hearts of all a sense of security." Rudolf Steiner quote

P4 Rudolf Steiner: Winning The Culture War With A Science Of Freedom
Transcripts are here.

P3 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War To Unify The People

 P2 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War Of Human Nature

 P1 Rudolf Steiner: Origin Of The Culture War

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Jordan Peterson And Rudolf Steiner


The Epic Battle For Freedom
"Those souls who cooperate with Rudolf Steiner in the task of liberating the human race appear like comets in cultural life unsupported by interest groups." R.A.Savoldelli

Updating Philosophy Of Freedom
Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom is a path to freedom, individualism, and ethics. It is a science of freedom intended to be applied to life. Steiner said it should be updated in 100 years to speak the language of the time. This looked to be a hopeless task lacking anyone qualified. It was last revised in 1918 by Steiner.  But now, exactly 100 years later an unkown Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson, has roared upon the scene presenting the basics of Steiner's teachings in an understandable way backed up by the science of psychological and cognitive research. Steiner developed Ethical Individualism out of philosophy. Peterson has developed it out of the theory of evolution. "The same Ethical Individualism which I have developed on the basis of the preceding principles, might be equally well developed on the basis of the theory of evolution." --Rudolf Steiner TPOF 12.7

Jordan Peterson
Dr. Peterson, born in Canada 100 years after Rudolf Steiner, is picking it up where Steiner left off, not as a philosopher or mystic, but better suited to our time as a psychologist. Dr. Peterson's main areas of study are the psychology of religious and ideological belief, and the assessment and improvement of personality and performance.

Dr. Peterson says we should express our inner truth, which is the essential teaching of The Philosophy Of Freedom. He teaches the book’s principles of truth, individuality and freedom --the journey of the heroic individual. He also teaches basic principles of anthroposophy such as elements of Christianity, the Logos, the value of archetypes found in ancient myths, and encountering your shadow.

Potential: Jordan Peterson Tedx Talk

Short Introductory Videos Selected By Jordan Peterson

Joining The Epic Battle
In 2016, several of Dr. Peterson’s online lectures, videos and interviews went viral, launching him into unprecedented international prominence as a public intellectual, educator and cultural critic. His audience is rapidly expanding and coming together for an epic battle against the inner and outer forces that oppose the evolutionary unfoldment of human freedom. The individual battle is for each one to take responsibility for one's life, live ethically, and express one's inner truth. The social and political battle is with the pathological belief system of postmodern neo-marxism. Postmodern neo-marxism is the ideological world-view of the Social Justice Movement commonly known as Political Correctness. 

The Social Justice Movement has infiltrated the Waldorf Schools, our universities and is spreading into politics to divide us into identity groups. Identity politics is the new form of Marxist oppressor / oppressed doctrine that opposes free individuality and can only lead us, Peterson warns, toward a war of all against all.

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