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(70) Rudolf Steiner Videos Censored By Google/YouTube

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Below is a playlist of the restricted videos. Select video by clicking on "1/18" in upper right corner of player.

Internet censorship has dramatically increased to suppress wrong-thought.
Google/Youtube is censoring at least 18 25 70 of Rudolf Steiner Philosophy Of Freedom videos. Included in the censored list is a video that only contains a reading of Rudolf Steiner ethical individualism quotes called "Rudolf Steiner Quotes – Ethical Individualism". The videos are censored by placing them in "restricted mode filtering", which limits views based on certain terms or ideas, including the age of the viewer.

AWSNA and some anthroposophists have been declaring Rudolf Steiner to be a racist. This has consequences. This can lead to Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy to be censored off the internet.

How does Restricted Mode work?
The primary method for filtering content in Restricted Mode is an automatic system using algorithms.

YouTube also employs a team of reviewers to manually check some content which may need to be filtered out. In particular, they manually check videos which are ‘flagged’ as inappropriate by YouTube users and all videos which are submitted under the ‘Restricted Mode feedback’ form.

How to Turn Restricted Mode off.
1. Click your youtube profile picture
2. At bottom of list is Restricted mode
3. Click Restricted Mode on or off

List of CENSORED Rudolf Steiner Philosophy Of Freedom videos:


Rudolf Steiner: Cultivating The Attitude Of An Ethical Individualist

Activists Are Replacing Steiner Waldorf School Values With “Anti-Racist” Values

Defending Steiner Waldorf Education From The Materialistic Worldview Of Anti-Racism

P4 Rudolf Steiner: Winning The Culture War With A Science Of Freedom

P2 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War Of Human Nature


Jordan Peterson & Rudolf Steiner: What Kind Of Threat Are The Democratic Socialists of America?

Rudolf Steiner: Is Calling Someone A Racist Helpful?

Jordan Peterson / Rudolf Steiner: Four Ways Ordinary People Can Produce A Totalitarian Society

Rudolf Steiner Quotes – Ethical Individualism

Jordan Peterson & Rudolf Steiner: True Speech Guides Free Speech


Apple CEO Tim Cook Confirms - George Orwell's 1984 Is Here

Identity Politics, Empathy, and Reason

0.7 Practicing Pure Thinking


0.0 Was Rudolf Steiner An Anarchist?

Internet Censorship Of Alternative Medicine And Spiritual Science

Israel Boycott: The American Spirit, The Human Spirit, Is Under Attack

Israel Iran And Moral Consistency

Will New Justice Neil Gorsuch Interpret A Dead Constitution?

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With many Waldorf schools declaring themselves anti-racist schools the culture war has reached Waldorf education. Anti-racist education is a materialistic worldview that believes the way you change people is to change the external world. Waldorf education is based on a spiritualistic worldview that believes the way you change the world is to change people through proper human development.


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Jordan Peterson and Rudolf Steiner agree that the path forward that will do the most good and protect the world from tyrannical collectivism is to strengthen the sovereignty of the individual. This is the fundamental difference between social justice ideology and freedom philosophy. Social justice ideology favors group identity and collectivism over valuing and respecting the sovereignty of the individual.

The text for the video is the first paragraph of the original 1894 unedited Philosophy Of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner. The Philosophy Of Freedom begins by describing its fundamental principle, the sovereignty of the individual. Individual sovereignty is the basis for freedom, human dignity and personal responsibility.

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Please send this video link to those who may fall prey to social justice ideology:

0:00 (14.0 The Question Of Free Individuality
1:00 (14.1 Group Type
2:00 (14.2 Emancipation From Type
3:05 (14.3 Opportunity According To Ability And Inclination
4:13 (14.4 Profession According To Merit
5:19 (14.5 Free Self-Determination
6:25 (14.6 Individual Thinking
7:06 (14.7 Individual Goals
7:41 (14.8 Individual Views And Actions
8:09 (14.9 Emancipation Of Knowing
9:35 (14.10 Emancipation Of Being
10:13 (14.11 Free Ethical Conduct
10:47 (14.12 Moral Contribution To Humanity

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Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War

Peace Based On Freedom, Not Justice or Force
"Freedom is the only word which has a ring of immediate truth today… If, instead of such slogans as peace founded on justice, or peace imposed by force, people would only speak of peace based on freedom, then this word would echo round the world and kindle in the hearts of all a sense of security." Rudolf Steiner quote

P4 Rudolf Steiner: Winning The Culture War With A Science Of Freedom
Transcripts are here.

P3 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War To Unify The People

 P2 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War Of Human Nature

 P1 Rudolf Steiner: Origin Of The Culture War

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The Philosophy Of Freedom Values - Truth, Individuality, and Freedom
The Philosophy Of Freedom is the most important work of German Philosopher Rudolf Steiner. It was written in the 1890’s for the increasing conceptual power of scientific thinking that produced the rapid rise in technology. It is a science of freedom that places human evolution toward freedom on a scientific basis.

Postmodern Neo-Marxist Values (social justice movement) - Blind Passion, Tribalism, Cultural Determinism
The values of Steiner’s Philosophy Of Freedom—Truth, Individuality, and Freedom— are opposed today by Postmodern Neo-Marxism that began with radical social protests in the late 1960’s. The value of truth is replaced with blind passion, individualism is replaced with tribalism, and freedom is replaced with cultural determinism. Postmodern Neo-Marxism is the underlying ideology of the today's Social Justice Movement expressed in Political Correctness.


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The Philosophy Of Freedom is a guide to true knowledge

The Philosophy Of Freedom is a guide to true knowledge. Human evolution is threatened by social and political movements such as socialism, political correctness and social justice. This is the result of errors in thought such as conformity, the illusion of freedom, one-sided views, everyday thought, perception bias and false conclusions. I am working on 15 principles of true knowledge and true self taken from The Philosophy Of Freedom. 
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