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The Philosophy Of Freedom Study Course

Master the Content
George O'Neil described study of The Philosophy of Freedom in this way: "First, we immerse ourselves within the text to master the content, eliminating personal preference and emphasis. Then, unexpected meanings emerge, revealing interdependence and symmetries that weave the single thoughts into a whole."
Says Goethe: "To have the whole thing in your heart, you must have conned its every part."
To which Rudolf Steiner added: "First read for substance, then read again for form."

Why is the goal of knowledge inner truth?
Preface: The Goal Of Knowledge Part 1
Preface: The Goal Of Knowledge Part 2

How does inner truth make us free?
Chapter 1 Conscious Human Action

Why is our desire for knowledge only satisfied by inner truth?
Chapter 2 Scientific Impulse

How does thinking produce inner truth?
Chapter 3 Thinking As A Means Of Forming A View Of The World

How is inner truth applied to our perceived world?
Chapter 4 The World As Perception

How do we correctly apply inner truth to know the world?
Chapter 5 Knowing The World

How do we individualize inner truth?
Chapter 6 Individuality

Are there limits to inner truth?
Chapter 7 Are There Limits To Knowledge?