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The Philosophy Of Freedom Study Course

New Study Course
The NEW study course being put together is a Comparative Study of the Philosophy Of Freedom. The single theme used to unify the course is comparing inner truth with outer truth in each chapter of Rudolf Steiner's book. The course is presented using Prezi. New chapters will be posted as completed.

Preface The Goal Of Knowledge
Why is the goal of knowledge inner truth?
Compare Conformity With Individuality
Compare Inner Truth With Outer Truth

Chapter 1 Conscious Human Action
How does inner truth make us free?
Compare Freedom With Necessity

Chapter 2 The Fundamental Drive For Science
Why is our desire for knowledge only satisfied by inner truth?
Compare World-Content With Thought-Content 

Chapter 3 Thinking As A Means Of Forming A View Of The World
How does thinking produce inner truth?
Comparing Observing With Thinking

Chapter 4 The World As Perception
How is inner truth applied to our perceived world?

Chapter 5 Knowing The World
How do we correctly apply inner truth to know the world?

Chapter 6 Individuality
How do we individualize inner truth?

Chapter 7 Are There Limits To Knowledge?
Are there limits to inner truth?