Chapter 3 Modules

Science Of Freedom Workbook
"The Philosophy of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner
Chapter 3 Thinking As The Instrument Of Knowledge


The 12 Aspects Of Thinking

Module 3.0 Thinker Predicts - CHAPTER THEME 3.0 From spectator who watches, to thinker who predicts
Module 3.1 Exceptional State - STEP 3.1 From the everyday state, to the exceptional state of the observation of thought.
Module 3.2 Active "I" - STEP 3.2 From passive feeling, to thinking activity; establishing concepts.
Module 3.3 Contemplate Object STEP 3.3 From expressing personal feelings, to selfless thinking contemplation of object.
Module 3.4 Contemplate Thought - STEP 3.4 From producing thought, to thinking contemplation of thought.
Module 3.5 Know Thought - STEP 3.5 From knowledge of observed world phenomena, to direct knowledge of observed thought.
Module 3.6 Pure Thinking - STEP 3.6 From physiological basis of thought, to pure thinking guided by the content of my thoughts.
Module 3.7 "I" Think - STEP 3.7 From the uncertainty of external things, to establishing a foundation of thought-content that defines one's identity and place within the world.
Module 3.8 Realm Of Thought - STEP 3.8 From thought intermixes with observation, to remaining in the realm of thought.
Module 3.9 Create Thought, Then Know - STEP 3.9 From know nature, then create it over again, to create thought first, then know.
Module 3.10 Self-Supporting Thought - STEP 3.10 From another's view of your thought, to your view of your thought.
Module 3.11 Examination Of Thinking - STEP 3.11 From turn immediately to object, to start with correct principles of thinking.
Module 3.12 Rightly Applied Thought - STEP 3.12 From right or wrong thought, to rightly applied thought.