Chapter 1 Modules

Science Of Freedom Workbook
"The Philosophy of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner
Chapter 1 Conscious Human Action


The 12 Aspects Of Freedom

Module 1.0 The Question Of Freedom - CHAPTER THEME 1.0 From the illusion of freedom, to questioning freedom.
Module 1.1 Freedom Of Indifferent Choice - STEP 1.1 From illusion of indifferent choice, to a reason always exists.
Module 1.2 Freedom Of Choice - STEP 1.2 From freedom of choice, to determined by desire.
Module 1.3 Free Necessity Of One's Nature - STEP 1.3 From free necessity of one's nature, to determined by external causes.
Module 1.4 Conduct Of Character - STEP 1.4 From conduct of character, to determined by characterological disposition.
Module 1.5 Conscious Motive - STEP 1.5 From a conscious motive, to act out of knowledge.
Module 1.6 Practical Decision - STEP 1.6 From practical decision, to determined by rational necessity.
Module 1.7 Ability To Do What You Want - STEP 1.7 From ability to do what you want, to determined by the strongest motive.
Module 1.8 Unconditioned Will Impulse - STEP 1.8 From unconditioned will impulse, to determined by an internal invisible cause.
Module 1.9 Known Reason - STEP 1.9 From known reason, to knowing the origin of the thought.
Module 1.10 Force Of Heart - STEP 1.10 From driving force of compassionate heart, to compassion is aroused by thoughts formed.
Module 1.11 Idolized Love - STEP 1.11 From act out of love, to idealistic idolizing thought.
Module 1.12 Seeing The Good - STEP 1.12 From see good qualities, to formation of perception-picture of good qualities.