Chapter 0 Modules

Science Of Freedom Workbook
"The Philosophy of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner
The Goal Of Knowledge 1894 original preface


The 12 Aspects Of Sovereign Individuality

Module 0.0 Cultivation Of Individuality - CHAPTER THEME 0.0 From collective conformity, to the cultivation of individuality.
Module 0.1 Path Of Inner Truth - STEP 0.1 From uncertainty of outer truth, to conviction of inner truth.
Module 0.2 Empowered By Truth - STEP 0.2 From weakened by doubt, to empowered by truth.
Module 0.3 Experience Of Truth - STEP 0.3 From blind faith in truth, to deep experience of truth.
Module 0.4 Advance In Knowledge - STEP 0.4 From archived academic knowledge, to continuous self-directed experiential learning.
Module 0.5 Will To Know - STEP 0.5 From compelled to understand, to will to understand.
Module 0.6 Apply Principles - STEP 0.6 From stereotypical attitude, to individualist attitude applying principles of freedom.
Module 0.7 Practice Pure Thinking - STEP 0.7 From dry abstract concepts, to joy of practicing pure thinking.
Module 0.8 Thought-Organism - STEP 0.8 From merely knowing about things, to self-governing thought-organism.
Module 0.9 Science Of Freedom - STEP 0.9 From a philosophy of freedom, to scientific clarification.
Module 0.10 All-Around Development - STEP 0.10 From science of idle curiosity, to science of all-around human development.
Module 0.11 Ideas Serve Goals - STEP 0.11 From humans serve Ideas, to Ideas serve human goals.
Module 0.12 Master Of Ideas - STEP 0.12 From slave of Ideas, to master of Ideas.