Chapter 2 Modules

Science Of Freedom Workbook
"The Philosophy of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner
Chapter 2 The Fundamental Desire for Knowledge


The 12 Aspects Of Pursuing Knowledge

Module 2.0 Separation Of Self And World - CHAPTER THEME 2.0 From separation of Self and World to striving for unity.
Module 2.1 Materialism - STEP 2.1 From one-sided materialism focused on the material world, to discerning the separation caused by shifting the problem away from the Self.
Module 2.2 Spiritualistic Theory - STEP 2.2 From one-sided spiritual worldview focused on spiritualistic theory, to discerning the separation caused by detachment from the material world.
Module 2.3 Realism - STEP 2.3 From one-sided realism focused on the external world, to discerning the separation caused by being overly dependent on the external world.
Module 2.4 Idealism - STEP 2.4 From one-sided idealism focused on the world of ideas and ideals, to discerning the separation caused by distancing from the empirical world of experience.
Module 2.5 Materialistic Idealism - STEP 2.5 From materialistic idealism focused on the material and ideal worlds, to discerning the separation caused by being caught in a conceptual paradox.
Module 2.6 Indivisible Unity - STEP 2.6 From the indivisible unity focused on primary particles of matter, to discerning the separation caused by the dilemma of a unified entity manifesting dualistically.
Module 2.7 Contrast Self - STEP 2.7 From a polarity of consciousness focused on contrasting ourselves as Self in opposition to the World, to discovering the correspondence of Self within World and World within Self.
Module 2.8 Feel Unity With Nature - STEP 2.8 From experiencing ambivalent feelings of being both estranged from nature while at the same time focused on feeling unity with nature, to allowing the feeling of unity to guide us toward the emergence of knowledge about nature's outer workings.
Module 2.9 Essence Of Nature Within - STEP 2.9 From dualism that is focused on forcibly aligning thought with nature, to searching within for elemental concepts that correspond to the essence of nature in order to discover unity.
Module 2.10 More Than "I" - From investigating our own being focused on "Here I am merely 'I'," to saying "Here is something more than 'I'," revealing greater unity.
Module 2.11 Description Of Experience - STEP 2.11 From scientific results focused on Materialism, to descriptions of experience and From discourse focused on academic scholarship, to using accessible terms and statements which clarify the actual facts.
Module 2.12 Facts Without Interpretation - STEP 2.12 From how science interprets consciousness focused on sharp distinctions ignored by ordinary consciousness, to recording the facts of how we experience everyday life from moment to moment.