Strivings Of The Ethical Individualist - Updating



0. Striving For Individuality – Inner Truth Empowers Creative Action
Emancipation from being crammed with knowledge that does not meet the needs of the individual


1. Striving For Freedom – Know Why You Act
Emancipation from the illusion of freedom

14. Identifying A Free Individuality
Emancipation from group identity

2. Striving For Knowledge – Seek Truth Within
Emancipation from one-sided views that do not explain the facts

13. Achieving As The True Value Of Life
Emancipation from the pursuit of pleasure

3. Thinking About Thinking – The Exceptional State
Emancipation from everyday thought

12. Creating Ethical Goals
Emancipation from doing what others would do

4. Recognizing Perception Bias
Emancipation from being blinded by our ideas

11. Living A Purposeful Life
Emancipation from a life on a fixed route

5. Knowing The World Conceptually – The Awakened State
Emancipation from believing thought is not integral to things

10. Obeying Only Yourself
Emancipation from moral authority

6. Forming Reality-Based Ideas
Emancipation from being an unthinking traveler or abstract scholar

9. Actualizing The Free Spirit
Emancipation from a dutiful life

7. Answering Your Own Questions – Cognitive Satisfaction
Emancipation from limits to knowledge

8. Integrating Your Personality
Emancipation from mere feeling and willing

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