Single terms for 12 worldview personalities

Materialism - Mechanistic personality: Focuses on the physical and tangible, viewing the world and human nature in terms of mechanical and material processes.

Spiritism - Insightful personality: Sees the material world as a manifestation of the spiritual, with a deep understanding and perception of underlying truths.

Realism - Realist personality: Grounded in the belief that the external world exists independently of perception, relying on practical and observable facts.

Idealism - Progressive personality: Believes in the power of ideas and ideals to drive progress and give meaning to the material world.

Mathematism - Analytical personality: Emphasizes logical and mathematical reasoning, viewing the world through the lens of numbers and formulas.

Rationalism - Rational personality: Values reason and logic as the primary sources of knowledge, relying on rational analysis of the sense-perceptible.

Psychism - Psycho-analytical personality: Focuses on the inner mental processes and the influence of ideas on behavior, similar to the approach in psychology.

Pneumatism - Spiritual personality: Believes in active spiritual beings and forces, emphasizing a connection to the spiritual aspects of existence, including the individual spirit.

Monadism - Autonomous personality: Views each being as a self-contained unit that generates existence and concepts from within itself, expressed in a strong will, emphasizing independence and self-sufficiency.

Dynamism - Dynamic personality: Sees the world in terms of forces and energy, focusing on movement and change as fundamental aspects of reality.

Phenomenalism - Experiential personality: Believes that knowledge is based on how things appear to us through our experiences, emphasizing the role of perception.

Sensationalism - Sensorial personality: Emphasizes sensory experiences as the primary source of knowledge, focusing on what is directly perceived by the senses.

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