Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War

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Video transcripts are here.

 P1 Rudolf Steiner: Origin Of The Culture War
0.00    Culture War Philosophies
0:43    The Philosophy Of Freedom
1:55    Premodern Age Of Authoritarianism
2:18    Age Of Reason Individualist
3:59    Rudolf Steiner's Ethical Individualist
4:48    Postmodern Skepticism
5:46    Frankfurt School
6:19    Institutional Oppression
7:15    Neomarxist French Intellectuals
8:08   Cultural Determinism
8:51    Intersectionality
11:51   Destiny

 P2 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War Of Human Nature
0:00   Social Views Of Human Nature
1:41    Three Stages Of Human Development
2:47    Sinful Nature Of Ancient Pagans (Natural Being)
3:44    Obedient Nature Of Medieval Church Believers (Social Being)
4:36    Rational Nature Of The Age Of Reason (Free Being)
5:40    Good Nature Of The Free Spirit - Rudolf Steiner
9:18    Obedient Nature Of The Social Justice Activist (Social Being)
9:59    Social Justice Ideology
10:50 Original Sin Of Being Born In Western Culture

P3 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War To Unify The People
0:00   Unifying The People
2:22    I. Unity In The Pagan Age
4:07    II. Unity In The Medieval Age
6:10    III. Unity In The Age Of Reason
7:30      A. Pure Reason
9:53    IV. Unity Of Individuals - Rudolf Steiner
10:50    A. Practical Reason
16:30    B. Harmony Of Intentions
24:15   V. Unity Of Justice Activists
26:31    A. Social Justice Studies
30:52   B. War Of All Against All
32:43   C. Jordan Peterson

P4 Rudolf Steiner: Winning The Culture War With A Science Of Freedom
0:00    I. The Enlightenment Vision
4:28     A. What Is Lacking In Western Civilization?
6:54     B. The Science Of Freedom
9:03    II. The Meaning Of Real Freedom
14:37    A. Nature Versus Nurture
16:19    B. The Impulse Of Freedom
20:45   C. Why The Philosophy Of Freedom Failed
26:42   III. Tactics To Win The Culture War
28:27    A. Jordan Peterson
30:29   B. What You Can Do

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