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  • Tom, can you please comment on the difference between Aleister Crowley's 'do what you will' rule for human life and Steiner's placing full freedom in the hands of humans? Crowley's followers were noted for perverse actions.

    Planned Parenthood has released a 'bot' to talk to teens about sex, and basically says - do what you want.

    And, is pedophilia a sexual orientation, just like homosexuality? 

    And NY state has legalized abortion up to the day before birth.

    Can you untangle the twisted thinking  about freedom that is happening here? Is this related to the 12 approaches, or something else?

    Thank you very much for what you do!

    Planned Parenthood's New Sex Chat Bot Targets Young Teens, Gives Shocking Answers on Sex, Abortion,…
    Planned Parenthood continues to exert influence over the culture on issues of sex and abortion, launching a new online mobile app that […]
    • In many ways I have tried to present that a free deed is the result of pure universal thought that requires "rising to the level of the conceptual content of the world". Most anyone can do this but it takes focus. It is simple once noticed but can be hard to explain. At this level we free ourselves from animal instincts and social conditioning. The action is determined by our universal ideal content alone. Below is a video.

      "The defenders of universal ethical norms might object to these arguments as follows: If everyone has the right to fully express themselves and do what he pleases, then there is no difference between a good deed and a crime, every corrupt impulse in me has the same right to be expressed as has the intention of serving the common good... My reply to this objection is this: I am not talking about children or immature people who follow their animal or social instincts. I am talking about those who are capable of rising to the level of the conceptual content of the world." TPOF 9.9

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