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Kelly left a comment on Daily Culture War News - Freedom vs. Political Correctness & Censorship
"Thank you,Tom! Shiva Ayyadurai PhD has about 10 podcasts on systems thinking as applied to healthcare, ayurvedic medicine, banking, immigration, education,... Here's a link for one of them:…"
May 17
Kelly commented on Tom Last's blog post Rudolf Steiner Quotes – Ethical Individualism
"Tom, can you please comment on the difference between Aleister Crowley's 'do what you will' rule for human life and Steiner's placing full freedom in the hands of humans? Crowley's followers were noted for perverse actions.
Planned Parenthood has re…"
Jan 25
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Oct 20, 2018
Kelly commented on Tom Last's blog post What is Freedom? What is Ethical Individualism? Read This!
"Tom, is there a description of how you used TPOF to lose weight (raise children, do business)? I think I would grasp concepts when I see them applied to something concrete. And living the best lifestyle is tough -- easy to default to instinct (lazin…"
Oct 20, 2018
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Oct 20, 2018
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