We understand that the economic system is rigged to favor an economic oligarchy. The American Dream must be restored so that each person has a fair chance to achieve their own dreams.

We understand that the political system is rigged to favor a political oligarchy. Democracy must be restored so that elected officials represent the people.

The way you “take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class” and “fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides healthcare for all” is with a political party. (quoted text is Bernie Sanders)

Political party: The purpose of a political party is to nominate candidates for public office and to get as many of them elected as possible. Once elected, these officials work to achieve the goals of the party agenda.

The Democratic Party: The Democratic Party has no interest in a peoples revolution to overthrow the economic and political oligarchy.

Why not just reform the Democratic party?: The Democratic Party is corrupt. It cannot be reformed by the people because the nomination process is not democratic and even when a progressive candidate is elected to office it is not long before they are corrupted by the party establishment.

Why a 3rd Party?: Getting on the general election ballot is a two step process. First you win your party's nomination and then you run in the GE. The Democratic Party is blocking progressive candidates from getting on the GE ballot. A progressive party will nominate and put progressive candidates on the GE ballot to present our agenda and offer the voters a choice. In addition, once elected, our candidates will not be compromised by their party, but instead supported to achieve the progressive goals of the parties agenda.

The “lesser of two evils”: The Democratic Party takes the progressive vote for granted and will not change because of their confidence in the fear-based “lesser of two evils” argument. They will only adopt our agenda when they have to earn our vote. The truth is there really can be no “lesser of two evils” argument in a revolution that opposes the existing system as a whole.


Why did Bernie run as a Democrat?: When he decided to run, even Bernie Sanders believed a 3rd party or independent candidate could not win. "If we were serious about winning this election, which is always my intention from day one, I thought we could and I hope that we will. I had to do it within the Democratic primary caucus process." -Bernie Sanders

The Bernie Sander's campaign proved a 3rd party can win: Forget everything you know about 3rd party chances to win. Bernie's successful campaign has changed everything. The reason you run as a candidate on a major political party is for campaign funding and media exposure. Bernie proved that you can be successful with small contributions and social media even when the MSM blacks you out.

We don't have time: We need a candidate on this years general election ballot to sustain the revolution's momentum. We need to look at existing parties that will be on the 2016 ballot, like the Green Party.

Sustaining the momentum: The critical factor that may determine the life or death of the revolution will be whether the momentum can continue on to the GE with Bernie Sanders or without him.

Will Bernie break his pledge?: Bernie is everyone's first choice, but he has pledged to support Hillary Clinton if she wins the nomination. If he breaks his pledge the Democrats and MSM will vilify his greatest assets; trust and honesty. If Bernie does decide to run, yippee, we jump on the bandwagon, but we can't idly wait to find out.

Jill Stein reaches out to Bernie Sanders: Jill Stein, who is seeking the Green Party nomination for President, has reached out to Senator Bernie Sanders in a letter following the NY primary to discuss ways they and their campaigns could work together to win a progressive political revolution in the United States. Jill Stein has a Power to the People Plan.

The Green Party would need to be reformed: Who is the Green Party? You and I are the Green Party if we join and participate. The Green Party believes in democracy so it can be reformed by the people. Changes will need to be made to make it into a national party that can win elections. We may not have enough time to reform the Green Party now, or Bernie and Jill will work together, or perhaps we could urge Jill to adopt the People's Summit Platform to broaden its appeal.

Objective: Promote the idea that the campaign for a progressive agenda must continue on into the general election.

Specific goal - GE debates: Having a challenging goal rallies the activists. The goal is to reach 15% presidential polling and be on enough state ballots to qualify our candidate to face Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the general election debates. Jill Stein has joined others in a lawsuit to ease these requirements.

Social media campaign: We have learned that a campaign, even when blacked-out by MSM, can be driven through social media. It does not take many people to launch and sustain a social media campaign that confirms what people are already thinking.

Who will act?: The Berners are absorbed in the primary while the Greens could look like they are trying to steal Bernie's momentum. An outside group could help bridge the two movements, as we would also support future Green Party reform to become a competitive national party.


Theme: Something like, “After the Democratic primary is over we must be sure that the fight continues onward to the general election with Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein.” This encourages Bernie Sanders to run in the GE, and if not, we support Jill Stein. This could actually pressure Bernie to run in the GE!


Twitter hashtag: #BernieOrJill
Website: www.bernieorjill.com

I have secured @BernieOrJill and www.bernieorjill.com and would turn them over to an activist group.

The danger: There are two serious dangers to the revolution if Bernie loses the Democratic nomination.
1. Join #ImWithHer and support oligarchy.
2. Join #BernieOrBust and quit fighting or become anarchists.

The 3rd option is #BernieOrJill to carry the fight into the GE. This is the option that needs to be promoted right now as people are starting to become angry and discouraged after the New York primary results. More will be dropping out each day if there is no Plan B to keep hope alive.

The opportunity: We all realize we are at a critical moment in history offering a chance for change. If we hesitate or wait to see what happens we may miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to restore Democracy and to make sure each person has a fair chance of achieving their own American Dream.


Important Dates:
End of Democratic Primaries June 7
The Peoples Summit June 17–19
Democratic Party Convention July 25–28
Green Party Convention August 4–7    
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UPDATE: I launched a petition asking Bernie to support Jill Stein and pass the flag. The idea of a petition is that if a lot of people sign it the person considers it. It is too early for this petition to gain support, but my concern is that we are headed for BernieOrBust followed by eventual violence.

There is a short term role of Jill Stein to carry the flag through this election and try to get into the presidential debate. Then new candidates and a new expanded Green Party alliance continues on. Maybe Bernie reappears as the candidate in 2020.

Instead, the Bernie movement will try to reform the Democratic Party. The Clinton Democratic Party will be reformed after the election, but the reformation will be to purge it of progressives. We are headed for Bernie or Bust and the revolution going dormant again. Unfortunately, its next appearance will likely be in the streets, perhaps protesting against Hillary's new war with Iran. There will be a crackdown on the street "terrorists" which will just move us closer to being a police state. I hope it turns out different.

"US voters must be offered a better choice on the November ballot than the unpopular Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If Bernie Sanders is not running, we must fight onward with Jill Stein to take on Clinton and Trump in the presidential debates. By remaining united we can qualify Jill for the debates to make sure our progressive voices are not silenced, but continue to be heard in the 2016 presidential campaign. We will also be building a party for the 99% by merging the Bernie Sanders movement with the Green Party."

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