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Rudolf Steiner inspired Waldorf is being transformed into Karl Marx inspired Waldorf. Waldorf schools are part of the broader Culture War that is being fought throughout society. AWSNA has declared Rudolf Steiner a racist and Waldorf education systemically racist. Were they wrong all these years when they proclaimed that "Waldorf Works"? The marketing director of AWSNA, Beverly Amico, has directed all Waldorf schools toward critical race theory and anti-racist education (anti-whiteness) in her article Working Toward Anti-Racist Education. No longer are Waldorf schools a place to preserve childhood innocence. Now young children will learn that the success of their parents was the result of prililege, not hard work, and they should be ashamed of their race and cultural heritage. This is Marxist political ideology of the never ending conflict between the oppressed and oppressor. Waldorf is no longer a safe place for your child. It has been politicized by the extreme Left and become a place for political indoctrination. Stand up to take back Waldorf from Left wing political activists.

"Freedom is the only word which has a ring of immediate truth today… If, instead of such slogans as peace founded on justice, or peace imposed by force, people would only speak of peace based on freedom, then this word would echo round the world and kindle in the hearts of all a sense of security." Rudolf Steiner

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    To whom it may concern,
    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We appreciate your commitment to tolerance and would like to applaud you for listening to diverse opinions.
    Our concern is that rhetoric that is purported to be designed to help with racial issues often exacerbate relations between groups and can cause division and resentment. Programs and classes about “White Privilege” inculcate a sense of guilt and shame into white people and are based on the pernicious idea that whites are inherently oppressive to other racial groups. “White Privilege” indoctrination is a passive-aggressive, psychological attack on the well-being of whites as individuals and as a people.
    Certain political groups have crafted what is called “The Progressive Stack” which puts white, heterosexual men at the bottom of the social order on the notion that they oppress others. We see this ideology manifest itself in policies and laws like Affirmative Action, incentives for non-Whites and systematic ridicule and debasement of whites and their cultures and history. This type of racism should not be tolerated and is a bane on our free and equal society.
    Please join us in publicly condemning “White Privilege” indoctrination as a hateful, anti-white attack on an entire race of people.

    American Voices
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    • From your comments you say you support anti-racism but that you also reject its ideology by supporting Steiner's principles. This is the result of thinking that "anti-racism" means you are opposed to racism. Anti-racism actually means you are duty bound to support reverse racism. The reason so many people are fooled is because the anti-racists have changed the definitions of many words. I think you are right in the need to clarify Waldorf principles so schools know when they cross the line to no longer being a Waldorf school. AWSNA political interests has blurred the line. Defending Waldorf group is working on this. I think the answer is to recognize that, as AWSNA used to proclaim, Waldorf works. The question is more to why has Waldorf worked?
    • Sharleen: I think your terminology conversation with Tom highlights a REALLY important piece of this problem. Another clear sign of the malicious disingenuousness of the Critical Race Theory crowd is how they play cute with the English language. Super important that you capitalize “Anti-Racism” when discussing it, because it IS a special term of art. THEY have defined it to mean something very specific, but they also know that people that don’t read their theory will hear “Anti-Racist” and have the same initial reaction that you have, because your reaction is completely reasonable. Why would ANYBODY object to teaching people to be “Anti-Racist,” right? But, Tom is correct here. Anti-Racism, as defined by these Critical Race Theorists, most definitely does not mean “against racism,” as the term “racism” has been commonly understood by everyone for the last century.

      The CRT crowd claims “racism” can only be practiced by “oppressors,” (meaning White People), and therefore its impossible under CRT theory to be racist against White People. But they go further than that. Not only is it impossible to practice racism against White People, ALL White people are irretrievably racist because they have white skin. Not my argument. It’s theirs. But that’s how they can say in the same sentence that they are for “Anti-Racism,” while handing you a booklet of materials addressed to ‘White Parents,” with materials that expressly say that all white people are White Supremacists, which they define as (a) belief that White People are superior in all things, and (b) desire to perpetuate white power; Beliefs that can be conscious or unconscious, but afflict every person with white skin color. It’s how they introduce the building blocks of their argument that White People need to be reeducated, pushed to the margins, and anything built by them to be dismantled. To be “Anti-Racist” in this context, is in many ways to literally be anti-White people. Please Google Layla Saad’s free online workbook that accompanies her Book, “Me and White Supremacy.” This is the book our Waldorf teachers are using as “training material” in our school, and it was super illuminating to me. Read the first 10 pages or so of the workbook, and you’ll see the single-minded focus on skin-color, the White hatred, and the true meaning of terms of art like “Anti Racism.” It’s sick, but it’s where we’re at here.

      CRT = deep hatred of White people, because they have white skin. It’s black-letter “racism” in the classical definition of the term. But by exempting White racism, they can thus brand their theory as “Anti-Racist,” which is the word you see in communications directed to you, and is what they will tell your children, details of white hatred to follow.

      "Anti-Racism" = Racism
      “Inclusion” = Exclusion
      “Diversity” = Group Think

      And, all of this is by design. These folks have put a LOT of time and effort into this. They have a theory with optically acceptable terms & conditions, which they use to get their foot in the door, because who wants to be against these words? But none of the words mean what they are commonly understood to mean. The actual details consist of a hate filled malicious ideology, and their target audience is our children.

      — Jason Sweeney
    • It looks like Stephen College expanded the original list with more anti-racist resources for white people. The new PDF is here:
    • Again, Waldorf communities that use the materials on this list can be easily embarrassed by simply applying sunlight to these materials and providing the materials transparently to parents. These materials are not just focused on "anti-racism." They are highly political, and address a broad range of issues including pro-Palestinian issues, pro-Marxism issues, Anti-Trump issues (e.g. see an organization against Trump and advocating for "Swinging Georgia Left."), and of course a huge helping of Critical Race Theory, including the most vile examples of overt anti-white racism.
      Showing Up for Racial Justice
      Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) believes in collective liberation — and that none of us can be free until we end white supremacy. SURJ’s role as…
  • To this concerned community: The AWSNA recommended reading list for "Anti-Racism Resources" was created by two activists (completely unaffiliated and unconnected to Waldorf), Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein. Their names are at the bottom of the reading list, so I'm not disclosing anything not already public. After some digging, I share the following with this group that the list is published on the web on the Stephens College website, here:

    After spending quite a bite of time reading the materials recommended on this list, I think the most effective way to push back on this movement is to simply raise awareness of this material to other parents in the community. The linked material is angry, overtly skin-color centric, anti-White, anti-White Woman, anti-male, anti-police, pro-Palestinian, pro-Marxist, anti-capitalist, pro "revolution," pro "destruction of the political-economic system of capitalism," etc., etc. The NYT's 1619 Project is recommended and supported.

    I think parents that oppose this should organize to oppose it, and one of the techniques I think is to challenge AWSNA and the Waldorf schools that support this to be courageous.

    Have Courage.

    Don't hide behind vague terms like "equity," "social justice" and "inclusion," if Waldorf's official position is Pro-Marxism, and Pro-White Racism. If Waldorf's official position is that all white people are racist White Supremacists, and that White parents and children need to be re-educated about their White Privilege, then AWSNA and Waldorf Schools should have the courage to stand behind these convictions. Parents should demand full transparency. The AWSNA website, and the Waldorf School websites, should loudly and proudly list the School's official position on these issues.

    Parents wanting to enroll children in Waldorf schools should know the School will be teaching children to identify based on skin-color. That White children and parents are deemed racist and White Supremacists. That Waldorf children will be taught, starting in kindergarten, to become activists to "destroy the political-economic systems of capitalism and imperialism and patriarchy."

    To Waldorf Leadership: I challenge you to have the courage to put your new convictions on the DEI page on your website. Our local school said they believe these new "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" policies will increase enrollment. If that's true, then have the courage to spell on your enrollment and DEI web pages, what you mean when you say these words. Shouldn't be a problem for enrollment, right?
  • One can't be an anthroposophist and a SJW at the same time. It's absurd! Waldorf teachers are supposed to have a decent working knowledge of Rudolf Steiner's teachings. Marxism has literally infiltrated every aspect of society. FIGHT BACK!
  • This is also a reality among Waldorf Schools here in Brazil... Thanks to your work in this site I have organized strong arguments based in Steiner's work in order to face these local challenges.
  • Posted by Writ Rage Jul 18 Replying to @rudolfsteiner
    "so called 'social justice' appears naturally in our souls when we develop ourselves properly, a concept like "internal racism" underscoring any Waldorf education is repugnant and an insult to Steiner' teachings"
  • This was posted to me on YouTube: "Hey heads up- Waldorf schools are being completely taken over by the Leftist Cult Religion of Woke. Take it from an insider. Waldorf Education has now completely abandoned the teachings & principles of Steiner, or has twisted them to fit the contemporary identity politics woke agenda. Waldorf Education is now a factory of Leftist Cult Indoctrination."
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