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  • It looks like Israel has finally been beaten. Now there is a chance for world peace. The hero is Russia's Putin. He is threatening Israel with putting advanced air defense missles in Syria. Israel can only be stopped from terrorizing its neighbors by a superior force, which Russia is. Trump is making his contribution by allowing Putin to strong arm Israel. A US president has no power over Israel because of campaign contributions. Another power had to do it.

    It looks like Putin is the brains behind the upcoming peace agreements with Trump's support. First North Korea, then a new Iran deal where Iran pulls out of Syria (its few advisors). The economic benefits will be so good Iran cannot refuse. Iran will prosper and implement reforms. A major nuke arms agreement with Russia will happen soon.  Then a major deal with China. The US military build-up in Asia will end. Now everyone will be our allies. World peace. And we can thank Putin and Trump.

    I have been applying this theory to world events for several months and it has been explaining events. The signs are everywhere that Putin is leading the world to peace and prosperity, with the support of Trump. To understand Trump you need to understand his negotiating style. With the support of the mainstream media he projects chaos and craziness to scare everyone. Then he offers fabulous deals and benefits that cannot be refused because they are so generous.

    After scaring the world Trump offered NKorea security and economic benefits. He is using the same approach with Iran. He has rallied the world around Iran who are offering their gifts to Iran to make up for the US embargo. Then on top of that Trump will offer a great economic package and security.

    Trump doesn't care about winning a negotiation, he cares about making a deal. That is why he will be successful. With Putin's guidance the US can offer economic benefits and security no one can refuse.

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