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  • Catharsis is the right term to use when describing the effect the book can have on a person. For me, it stirs up emotions and opinions and often makes it uncomfortable. 

    The dart-like description is a nice way of spacially explaining psychology. What is the meaning of the pattern of words that are written within the rings (i.e. Gnosis, logicism, voluntarism etc)?

    • Cartharsis here is meant as the overcoming of excessive emotionalism rather then today's meaning of experiencing emotions as a form of release.  For example, merging yourself into the pure conceptual thinking in the book can help you to rise about the emotional drama of breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

      If you scoll down to the bottom of this page you will find a description of the 7 ways of knowing:

      12 WorldViews
      Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom
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