The Philosophy Of Freedom is a guide to true knowledge

revised 9/24/19
 The Philosophy Of Freedom is a guide to true knowledge. Human evolution is threatened by social and political movements such as socialism, political correctness and social justice. This is the result of errors in thought such as conformity, the illusion of freedom, one-sided views, everyday thought, perception bias and false conclusions. I am working on 15 principles of true knowledge and true self taken from The Philosophy Of Freedom. 


0. Strive For Individuality – Individual Truth Empowers
Emancipation from "conformity" 
"We are only convinced by what appears to each of us inwardly as truth. Only truth can give us assurance in developing our individual powers. Whoever is tormented by doubts finds his powers weakened.' TPOF 0.2

1. Strive For Freedom – Know Why You Act
Emancipation from the "illusion of freedom”
"Obviously, an action cannot be free if the doer carries it out without knowing why. But what are we to say of the freedom of an action when the reasons are known?" TPOF 1.9

2. Strive For Knowledge – Know The Origin Of Your Thoughts
Emancipation from “one-sided views”
"We must seek out this essence of Nature in us, and then we will discover our connection with her once more. What corresponds to nature within us will be our guide." TPOF 2.9

3. Conceptualize The World
Emancipation from “everyday thought”
"As a mere spectator I will know nothing of what happens next. If I have discovered the concepts corresponding to the details of the event I can predict what will happen." TPOF 3.0

4. Correct Your Picture Of The World
Emancipation from “perception bias”
"Every widening of the circle of my perceptions makes me correct my picture of the world. We see this in everyday life, as well as in the intellectual development of humanity." TPOF 4.4

5. Apply Thought To The World Correctly
Emancipation from “false conclusions”
"If my thought does not apply to the world, then my result is false. Between a perception and every kind of judgment about it there intervenes thinking." TPOF 5.2

6. Form Individual Reality-Based Ideas
Emancipation from ideas that are merely “wishful thinking”
"An idea, then, is an individualized concept. And now we can understand how objects in the real world can be represented to us by ideas." TPOF 6.3

7. Answer Your Own Questions
Emancipation from “limits to knowledge”
"It follows from the concept of cognition, as defined by us, that there can be no talk of any limits of knowledge." TPOF 7.2


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