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I am aligning Social Justice cognitive theories (red) with Steiner's (blue) for a comparison video.


ACTION process
Structural Determinism (Systemic Oppression)
Group Identity (Systemic Whiteness)
1. Self-Determination
14. Individual Identity

DESIRE process
Desire For Power (Conflict Theory)
Selfless Duty
2. Desire for knowledge
13. Empowered By Ideals

THINKING process
Find Oppression (Critical Theory)
Moral Outrage (Virtue Signalling)
3. Pure Thinking
12. Free Deed

Lived Experience (Unconscious Implicit Bias)
Assigned Mission
4. Perception Correction
11. Chosen Mission

False Judgment (Social Construction of truth)
False Accusation
5. True Judgment
10. Ethical Impulse

IDEATION process
Post-Truth Narrative (oppression based on identity)
Moral Collectivism
6. Reality-Based Ideas
9. Ethical Individualism

Pseudo-Reality (Systemic Racism)
Personality Disintegration
7. Living In Reality
8. Personality Integration

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