Opening to Introduction: The Goal Of Knowledge

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Culture Of Conformity
In a culture of conformity, you do not question authority.
Culture Of Individuality
In a culture of individuality, an effort is made to remove every kind of authority.
Expert Validation
The conformist accepts nothing as valid, unless its source is recognized experts or respected institutions.
Individual Validation
The individualist accepts nothing as valid, unless it springs from the source of individuality
Group Empowerment
The conformist sacrifices everything that hinders the growth and empowerment of the organization.
Individual Empowerment
The individualist sacrifices everything that hinders his personal growth and empowerment.
Follow Your Hero
The conformist chooses a hero and follows their footsteps in the struggle up the mountain.
Find Your Own Way
The individualist finds his own way in the struggle up the mountain.
Group Ideals
The conformist accepts the ideals demanded by the group.
Individual Ideals
The individualist allows no ideals to be forced upon him.
Some Are Worthy
The conformist believes only some of us are noble and worthy of development.
All Are Worthy
The individualist believes that if we look in the heart of each one, there is something noble and worthy of development.
Strive To Be Normal
The conformist believes there is a norm of human life to which we must all strive to conform.
Strive To Be Your Self
The individualist no longer believes in a norm of human life, but strives to be himself.
Perfection Of Group
The perfection of the group depends on the perfection of group cooperation.
Perfection Of Each
The perfection of the group depends on the unique perfection of each individual.
Collective Action
The conformist joins others in collective work within the group.
Individual Action
The individualist does not want to do what others can do equally well.
Group Service
The conformist contributes to world development by performing the task needed within the group initiative.
Individual Service
The individualist contributes to world development by performing a task that he alone can offer.
Artistic Conformist
The artistic conformist follows the rules and norms in art.
Artistic Individualist
The artistic individualist follows his creative impulse without being as concerned with the rules and norms.
Conformist Expression
The conformist asserts the duty to creatively express the message of the organization.
Individualist Expression
The individualist asserts the right to creatively express what is unique in him.
Conformist Language
The conformist uses language according to the demands of standard diction and grammar.
Individualist Language
The individualist uses language in a way such as slang, that best expresses intended meaning.

Dependent On Others
The conformist is content to be dependent on others.
Independent Of Others
The individualist is not content until he becomes independent. He tolerates dependence only on the condition it coincides with a vital interest of his individuality.

Striving For Freedom
There is no better way to understand the behavior of an individualist, than to know it is the result of striving towards freedom, to the highest degree.
Individual Truth
The life of an individualist springs from deep within the heart of one's being. Truth, too, is sought by the individualist in the depths of human nature as inner truth. What is the difference between inner truth and outer truth? Our discussion will turn to this next.