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    • Its not a question of translation. The 1894 POF text was changed, [ein geistig freies Wesen] was added in 1918. Only a spiritualist could say that adding the term "spiritually" adds clarity. It is a vague term to most people that doesn't work in a scientific study of freedom.

      1894 original: Ist der Mensch in seinem Denken und Handeln frei,...
      1918 revision: Ist der Mensch in seinem Denken und Handeln [ein geistig freies Wesen]...

      1894 original: Is man, in his thinking and action free,...
      1918 revision: Is man, in his thinking and action [a spiritually free being],...

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        • I will be posting a video this weekend that shows how critical social justice theory (critical race theory) is the opposite of what Steiner intended in TPOF. Is that being political? Gee, I hope standing up for human development, the science of freedom, doesn't offend anybody. I pray I don't hurt anybodies feelings.

          You have no idea of the current culture war, forewarned by Steiner, and the severe risk to the future of humanity.  Maybe you should watch my video on Mass Psychosis to see if the practice of "equanimity" will help the situation. Have you taken a deeper look at anything? You sound like you are very superficial, not offering any substance. Hey, its all just related to the "spiritual essence", right?

          I am re-thinking my "libertarian" position. TPOF is by definition libertarian but, as you say, that can be, and will likely be, misunderstood to mean removal of all restrictions. This is the problem of people not understanding what real freedom is.

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            • "The purpose of The Philosophy Of Freedom is to lay the foundation of Ethical Individualism and of a social and political life."

              Before you go maybe you could explain to me what this Steiner quote means?

              1918 From Symptom To Reality in Modern History Lecture VI: Brief Reflections on the Publication of the New Edition of 'The Philosophy of Freedom'

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