Daily Meditation For The Free Thinker And Free Spirit

The ethical individualist is a free thinker and a free spirit. This video is for the daily practice of meditating on principles in Rudolf Steiner's "The Philosophy Of Freedom." A principle was selected for each of 14 chapters. The free thinker principles are found in Part I while the free spirit principles are found in Part II of "The Philosophy Of Freedom." Together they describe the ethical individualist.

1. I know why I act
2. I desire inner truth
3. I think universal thoughts
4. I add thought to the world to give it meaning
5. I know the world by rightly applying concepts
6. I form individual ideas that are reality-based
7. I know reality by means of observation and lawful relationships

8. I know reality with my whole personality
9. I act out of my love for the deed
10. I obey none but myself
11. I choose my purpose in life for each moment
12. I imagine concrete aims that do no harm
13. I desire to realize my highest ideals in life
14. I am free to express my individuality

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