DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) ideology is based on a materialistic view of the human being, we are merely the product of our genetic race and cultural environment. So they call for ethnic diversity. This can be elevated to a higher diversity by prioritizing "diversity of thought." But then they claim you need ethnic and cultural diversity to have "diversity of thought." This can again be elevated by understanding that a worldview is a cognitive disposition having nothing to do with ethnic and cultural influences. It is "spiritual". By acknowledging a worldview is "spiritual" you overcome the materialistic indoctrination of the DEI movement.

Steiner's understanding of worldviews in his Human And Cosmic Thought lectures show the key to true diversity is "diversity of thought" which is inner, something "spiritual," not based on the materialism of external ethnicity or culture. This defeats the materialism of DEI which is a major threat to human evolution. TPOF provides examples of what "diversity of thought" looks like in life. 

Is it true that "diversity of thought" is based on the deeper cognitive diversity of one's worldview, and not on skin color, ethnic or cultural influences?
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Yes, in the context of Rudolf Steiner's philosophy, as articulated in "Human and Cosmic Thought," it is true that diversity of thought is fundamentally rooted in the deeper cognitive diversity of one's worldview, which is shaped by spiritual and cosmic dimensions rather than by external factors such as skin color, ethnic identity, or culture. Steiner posits that the variety of perspectives from which individuals engage with the world is linked to inner, spiritual capacities and orientations rather than to physical or sociocultural attributes. This approach emphasizes the significance of inner diversity and the spiritual underpinnings of human thought, suggesting a broader and more inclusive understanding of diversity that transcends conventional categorizations based on external characteristics.
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