Chapter Principles Of The Philosophy Of Freedom

Core principles of The Philosophy Of Freedom to know and strive toward.

0-p1. Cultivate Individuality In Life
0-p2. Cultivate Individuality In Inner Truth Found In Human Nature
1. Question Your Acts As Free Or Not
2. Strive For True Knowledge That Unifies Self-World With Inner Truth
3. Practice Pure Thinking
4. Continually Correct Your World-Pictures
5. Rightly Apply Concepts To World
6. Individualize Concepts Into Reality-Based Ideas
7. Answer Your Own Questions
8. Find Feeling And Will In Thinking
9. Learn The Concept Of The Free Spirit
10. Obey The Impulse Of Freedom
11. Envision Purpose Into Your Life
12. Create New Ethical Rules At Every Moment
13. Achieve Great Ideals With A Powerful Will Sustained By Ethical Intuitions
14. Identify As A Free Spirit

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