PUTIN Calls The Woke Revolution A Marxist Revolution (he should know)

Here is a brief overview of the core beliefs of the Woke Revolution.

Persuasion—the purpose of argument—is replaced with public shaming.
Moral complexity is replaced with moral certainty.
Facts are replaced with feelings.
Ideas are replaced with identity.
The equality of opportunity is replaced with equality of outcome.
Merit is replaced with metrics.
Forgiveness is replaced with punishment.
Debate is replaced with de-platforming.
Diversity is replaced with homogeneity of thought.
Inclusion is replaced with exclusion.

In this ideology, speech is violence.
But violence in the name of social justice, is not violence at all.
Bullying is wrong, unless you are bullying the right people, in which case it’s very good.
Education is not about teaching people how to think, it’s about reeducating them in what to think.
The need to feel safe trumps the need to speak truthfully.
If you do not tweet the right tweet or share the right slogan, your whole life can be ruined.
The past cannot be understood on its own terms, but must be judged through the morals and mores of the present.
Intentions don’t matter.
If everyone doesn’t finish the race at the same time, the course must have been defective.
You are guilty for the sins of your fathers.
You are not you. You are only a mere avatar of your race or your religion or your class.
We are all placed neatly on a spectrum of “privileged” to “oppressed.”
Having privilege means that your character and your ideas are tainted.
Racism is no longer about discrimination based on the color of someone’s skin.
If there are disparate outcomes between racial groups the only possible cause is racism.
We are all either racist or anti-racist.
To be a Good Person you must be an “anti-racist."
There is no such thing as “not racist.”
Skeptics of any part of this radical ideology are recast as heretics.
Those who do not abide by every single aspect of its creed are tarnished as bigots and subjected to boycotts.
The Enlightenment has been replaced by the exorcism.
What we call “cancel culture” is really the justice system of this revolution.
The goal of the cancellations is to send a message to everyone else: Step out of line and you are next.
It has worked. 62 percent of Americans are afraid to voice their true views.

The thing that has allowed for this to happen is cowardice, the force that stops this cultural revolution can also be summed up by one word: courage.
Liberty. Equality. Freedom. Dignity. These are ideas worth fighting for.

source: We Got Here Because of Cowardice. We Get Out With Courage
Say no to the Woke Revolution by Bari Weiss

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