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  • Chapter 2-1 thru 2-4 Questioning knowledge


  • Part 3 Chapter 2-0 Questioning knowledge.

    • I have made tweeks to the dialogue about the need to question knowledge which is the acquired skill for chapter 2.

  • Part 2 Chapter 2-0 Questioning knowledge.


    • These comics are supposed to be a dialogue between the main character and the 12 viewpoint characters. But before the views I have the chapter introduction that needs to be explained. This intro is explaining Steiner's theory of knowledge.

  • Tom: I find this comics more readable.

    When it says that the natural world does not requiere an explanation, I imagine the natural world being a being with an orderly beaviour. However, when we see climate change, how is the natural world being so orderly. Isn't it affected by us too? Then I see it not orderly but most importantly leaning toward chaos at times.

    Am I understanding this rightly?

    I took you n your word today. I will sending you questions about my reading, if that it's all right with you. But feel free to stop me or change the qay I do it so that you are comfortable doing it. Thanks again. Carlos

    • "The natural world does not demand an explanation. It exists in lawful harmony as a living whole."

      The natural world does not "demand" or need an explanation. It does not think so it has no questions or desire for knowledge. It just operates according to lawful harmony. It is the same for an unthinking human being. They do not "demand" any explanations but just act according to conditioned behavioral laws.

      When we pollute the environment nature still operates lawfully but does not prosper. It is the same for an unthinking human being. When their mind is polluted with harmful thoughts they still operate according to behavioral laws but do not prosper.

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