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Study Group 1&2 see chapter schedule
Book: The Philosophy Of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner More Readable Edition w/ topic headings 
We will move though the book using the study cards, look at the step to freedom and the worldview. See the topic schedule to see which chapter we are on.
Moderator: Tom Last
Meeting: Monday 1 hour.
Term: Started Dec. 13, ongoing, join anytime.
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  • Hi Tom. Like yourself I have made repeated attempts to fully grasp TPOF. This time I have decided to read it with the intent of memorizing the key points (using Giordano Bruno memory techniques). This is proving particularly fruitful as I am see connections that I never saw before. This led me to look more carefully at your "study guide". I find the 1+12 headings that you add to each chapter also useful as a means of digesting the content. However, I have tried to link your headings to the mood + worldview and this is where it breaks down for me. I see no connection between the content and the mood + worldview. Do you have any further material that might enable me to understand how you link the headings to the various moods / worldviews?
    • To recognize the connection between TPOF text and worldview requires a very good reading comprehension of the text and a good sense of the worldview. If you can see the first 4 views of a chapter .1 thru .4, materialism, spiritism, realism, and idealism you have a chance of seeing the others. In chapter 2, Desire For Knowledge, TPOF text even identifies the first 4 worldviews. If you can't see the worldviews, the chapter breakdown into topic headings can still be useful. That is the thing that helps study. A person can see many different views in a paragraph so sometimes it is not easy to see the overall view that stands out in relation to the other views in that chapter. I think it takes a certain fluidity of thinking, not to say it is not distinct, but it is relative to the other views and modified by the chapter mood.
  • An interested Libertarian observer at present: an incredible book and even more outstanding world figure and look forward to your lecture and the opportunity for comment.
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