MODERATOR: Tom Last, see bio, questions contact Tom.

1. Learn Rudolf Steiner's "The Philosophy Of Freedom" in theory and practice.
2. Develop an effective study group method for learning and practicing the freedom based life philosophy of ethical individualism.
3. Build a Philosophy Of Freedom community.
4. Share with others by recording, editing and posting discussion on YouTube.

WHO: For anyone with the intentiont to participate. No fee.
1. Participate in the "live" Zoom room study group.
2. OR Participate by posting a question or comment on each weekly Study Page (before or after "live" group video is posted).

True Knowledge Groups: examine Part I of The Philosophy Of Freedom to learn about the processes of cognition and how to gain true knowledge.

Pro-Human Groups: examine Part II of The Philosophy Of Freedom to learn about Ethical Individualism and what it means to be pro-human. (part I group is not a prerequisite)

STUDY PAGE: A Study Page is prepared in advance of the meeting with study material and a box for questions and comments.

BOOK: The Philosophy Of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner, recommended English translation here.

Day / Time: Register here.

Duration: Ongoing


1 hour meeting timed into 4 parts:
Round 1: Presentation
Round 2: Study Insights
Round 3: Life Experience
Round 4: Group Insight

Science Of Freedom: TPOF is a science of freedom verifiable through comparative research that compares two psychological observations to discover a series of empowering steps to freedom.
Nomenclature: As a science it has its own system of terms/concepts that need to be clearly understood in order to apply them to life.
Intuitive Insight: Share a study insight of the text.
Steps To Freedom: Share a step to freedom life experience of the text.
Discussion: Practice the principles of conversation.
Broad-mindedness: Recognize the truth in other worldviews.
Courage: Speak your truth to the world (meeting will be recorded, edited highlights posted on YouTube).
Pro-Human: Learn what it means to be pro-human to help build a better society.
Community: Build a free POF community.
Leadership: Lead a POF study group to get the word out. Imagine a network of POF study groups meeting on all days and at all hours.
Obey Self: Disregard everything and obey only yourself.

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  • An interested Libertarian observer at present: an incredible book and even more outstanding world figure and look forward to your lecture and the opportunity for comment.
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