"The purpose of The Philosophy Of Freedom is to lay the foundations of ethical individualism and of a social and political life."  At the core of ethical individualism and building a free society is freedom of thought and expression. Today alternative views and “offensive” speech is being restricted or completely censored. This is an attack on the broad-mindedness necessary to reach truth.

“Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions.” Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

Censorship Of Alternative Views
A few giant internet companies are controlling our access to knowledge and have become the ministry of truth. Their intention is to give us one social, political, and scientific truth, while alternative views such as alternative medicine and spiritual science will be censored.

Censorship Of "Offensive" Speech
Today speech that is considered by some to be “hateful” or “offensive” is being repressed. Politically incorrect views or views that offend others are no longer tolerated. The best response to bad speech is not censorship, but more speech.

To reach truth broad-mindedness is necessary because 12 different worldviews are possible for the human mind.

Christopher Hitchens states below that no matter how outrageous or appalling the view, we will still benefit from hearing it.

Below is a playlist of Philosophy Of Freedom  restricted videos. Select video by clicking on "1/18" in upper right corner of player.

Internet censorship has dramatically increased to suppress wrong-thought.
Google/Youtube is censoring at least 18 25 of Rudolf Steiner Philosophy Of Freedom videos (25% of all videos posted in past 3 years). Included in the censored list is a video that only contains a reading of Rudolf Steiner ethical individualism quotes called "Rudolf Steiner Quotes – Ethical Individualism". The videos are censored by placing them in "restricted mode filtering", which limits views based on certain terms or ideas, including the age of the viewer.

AWSNA and some anthroposophists have been declaring Rudolf Steiner to be a racist. This has consequences. This can lead to Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy to be censored off the internet.

How does Restricted Mode work?
The primary method for filtering content in Restricted Mode is an automatic system using algorithms.

YouTube also employs a team of reviewers to manually check some content which may need to be filtered out. In particular, they manually check videos which are ‘flagged’ as inappropriate by YouTube users and all videos which are submitted under the ‘Restricted Mode feedback’ form.

How to Turn Restricted Mode off.
1. Click your youtube profile picture
2. At bottom of list is Restricted mode
3. Click Restricted Mode on or off

List of CENSORED Rudolf Steiner Philosophy Of Freedom videos:


Rudolf Steiner: Cultivating The Attitude Of An Ethical Individualist

Activists Are Replacing Steiner Waldorf School Values With “Anti-Racist” Values

Defending Steiner Waldorf Education From The Materialistic Worldview Of Anti-Racism

P4 Rudolf Steiner: Winning The Culture War With A Science Of Freedom

P2 Rudolf Steiner: The Culture War Of Human Nature


Jordan Peterson & Rudolf Steiner: What Kind Of Threat Are The Democratic Socialists of America?

Rudolf Steiner: Is Calling Someone A Racist Helpful?

Jordan Peterson / Rudolf Steiner: Four Ways Ordinary People Can Produce A Totalitarian Society

Rudolf Steiner Quotes – Ethical Individualism

Jordan Peterson & Rudolf Steiner: True Speech Guides Free Speech


Apple CEO Tim Cook Confirms - George Orwell's 1984 Is Here

Identity Politics, Empathy, and Reason

0.7 Practicing Pure Thinking


0.0 Was Rudolf Steiner An Anarchist?

Internet Censorship Of Alternative Medicine And Spiritual Science

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Israel Iran And Moral Consistency

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