"The purpose of The Philosophy Of Freedom is to lay the foundations of ethical individualism and of a social and political life."  At the core of ethical individualism and building a free society is freedom of thought and expression.

Google/Youtube is restricting viewership of many Rudolf Steiner Philosophy Of Freedom videos. Included in the restricted list is a video that only contains a reading of Rudolf Steiner ethical individualism quotes called "Rudolf Steiner Quotes – Ethical Individualism". The videos are placed in "restricted mode filtering".

By AWSNA and some anthroposophists declaring Rudolf Steiner to be a racist has the consequences of Steiner and anthroposophy to be censored on the internet.


To reach truth broad-mindedness is necessary because 12 different worldviews are possible for the human mind.

Christopher Hitchens states below that no matter how outrageous or appalling the view, we will still benefit from hearing it.

How does Restricted Mode work?
The primary method for filtering content in Restricted Mode is an automatic system using algorithms.

YouTube also employs a team of reviewers to manually check some content which may need to be filtered out. In particular, they manually check videos which are ‘flagged’ as inappropriate by YouTube users and all videos which are submitted under the ‘Restricted Mode feedback’ form.

How to Turn Restricted Mode off.
1. Click your youtube profile picture
2. At bottom of list is Restricted mode
3. Click Restricted Mode on or off