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Universal Patriotism In A Borderless World

Borderless World
A world without borders is one in which people should be able to live anywhere, work anywhere and contribute anywhere ─for the world is one. All thinking people have a beautiful dream, that of living in a world without borders. But for all these people, this remains a dream, as no one has ever been able to actualize it. For my part, however, I can say that I have made it a reality. I always actually live in a world without borders. According to my experience, the concept of a world without borders is quite an achievable target.

I can say that a world without physical borders may not be achievable, but a world without psychological borders is quite attainable for anyone who so desires it. There is no need for external permission for this purpose: every individual can enter into this state ­ by his own decision.

Universal Thinking
If you have developed universal thinking in yourself, that is, you consider entire humankind as your brothers and sisters and take the entire world as your own, then you have already achieved the goal of living in a world without borders.

Universal Patriotism
In the modern world, nationhood is linked to the homeland. This leads to the concept of patriotism. But if a person lives by the concept of universal patriotism, he will take the whole world as his own. A world without borders might currently seem unachievable at the physical level, but, at the psychological level, it is quite achievable for everyone.

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

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