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I recently posted some videos on YouTube on current social and political topics. It was suggested I get more people involved in this for feedback, topic ideas, and participation such as a co-host and guests. With more participation the YouTube videos could generate more interest. This post is for discussion about this. If needed I can set up a creator group within the website for this purpose.

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  • A broad topic is how the young people are being swept up in social justice and identity politics. It seems to be fueled by the media generated fear that the country has been taken over by white supremacists. Social justice leads to socialism that suppresses the individual.  Identity groups lead to group identity rather than individual identity. The same goals can be achieved with "freedom" at the center of politics. An ethical freedom rather than the Republican "selfish individualism". A poll found that the only principle that untied the Bernie Sanders people and the Trump supporters was freedom. Here is an article about the poll. Very important.

    The Only Agreeable Moral Value In Politics Is Freedom
    Rudolf Steiner said the moral value that should be the foundation of political life is freedom.
  • The previous 3 political videos each took over 30 hours to produce. I spent a lot of time researching and presenting topic facts and little time on ethical individualism. The videos would certainly be more interesting with a co-host. I have  volunteer. I am currently working on chapter 14 which is about comparing a free individuality with a group member. It is rich with descriptions of what free individuality is and isn't

    Hoernle Translation - The Philosophy Of Freedom
    Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom
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