Stebbing Summary - Chapter 6

Chapter Summary Of The Philosophy Of Freedom
Rita Stebbing

Chapter 6 The Human Individuality
Chapter 6 deals with man as thinker, i.e. with that in man which does the thinking: his individuality. Here it is shown that man is only truly an individual when he neither lives in nor lives merely according to his personal feelings and inclinations, but holds the balance, so that; “A true individuality will be the one who rises up with his feelings the farthest into the region of the ideal."

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The Knowledge of Freedom

Chapter 1   Conscious Human Action
Chapter 2   The Fundamental Urge for Knowledge
Chapter 3   Thinking in the Service of Comprehending the World
Chapter 4   The World as Percept
Chapter 5   Attaining Knowledge of the World
Chapter 6   The Human Individuality
Chapter 7   Are There Limits to Knowledge?


The Reality of Freedom
Chapter 8   The Factors of Life
Chapter 9   The Idea of Freedom
Chapter 10  Philosophy of Freedom and Monism
Chapter 11  World Purpose and Life Purpose (Mankind's Destination)
Chapter 12   Moral Imagination (Darwinism and Morality)
Chapter 13  The Value of Life (Pessimism and Optimism)
Chapter 14  Individuality and Type
The Consequences of Monism