Introduction - Evelyn Francis Capel

Introduction to The Philosophy Of Freedom

Evelyn Francis Capel
The examples quoted in The Philosophy of Freedom are all from the works of various philosophers. In the course of time, however, such philosophical ideas have been translated into psychologies. One can find examples of this in the behavior and attitude of many people who do not study philosophy.

It is therefore useful to say to oneself, in regard to the examples: whom have I met who thinks like that? Where are the influences left by the outlook of Kant in the minds of people who have never studied his work?

In this manner one will discover that the inheritance of earlier ways of thinking reach into our own times. In contemplating the treasures of wisdom appearing in Steiner's book, one can understand that it IS not really necessary to refer to an encyclopedia because if the reader considers carefully what is said he will find the problem related to that which he perceives in the psychological attitude of today. It will be more to the purpose to follow the questions raised in The Philosophy of Freedom and to take note of the examples known in one's own experience.

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