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Reading Comprehension
Careful reading or really just good basic reading comprehension is the most important part of study. We are not solely looking for affirmation of our existing beliefs. We want to have insights of new knowledge. This begins with basic reading conprehension. George O'Neil describes deeper study of the Philosophy of Freedom in this way:

To achieve this living in thought we must first become master in the highest degree of content, utterly eliminating the arbitrariness of personal preference and emphasis. Says Goethe: To have the whole thing in your heart, you must have conned its every part. To which Rudolf Steiner has added: First read for substance, then read again for form.

In contemplating the totality of a living thought-organism, correspondences and symmetries previously unseen, begin to emerge, each illuminating the other. Meanings come forth, never before expected, revealing interdependence and mutual support. The whole is experienced as weaving interplay of single thoughts, each reflecting the whole as experiencable from its single aspects.

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