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  • When I click on anybody's blog post I see in the top right of the article page "add blog post". That is the way I do it.

    Steiner's system is simple but it seems complex when you try to explain anything so it may need a longer conversation. Your questions are fundamental and should be understood by anyone who wants to get anything out of the book.. 

  • What I mean is I can't see to make a Blog Post, or what it is. All I seem to be able to do is "Comment"!

  • Hi Tom,

    I don't understand the system yet. How do you leave a Blog Post? When I tap on "Blog Posts" there doesn't seem to be any to post anything.



  • I don't understand your question. If you place it in a blog post I will be notified of the comments.

  • I have a concern about the overall argument of the Philosophy of Freedom.

    Suppose the argument goes something like this. We are free just when our actions are permeated with thinking. Thinking is what insulates our actions from the causal nexus. For if an action has a cause, then it is not free. But in thinking we can find reasons for acting, concepts. 

    What should we say about our thinking itself? It too should be capable of being free or unfree. When is it free? It is free when we understand the reasons for our thoughts, or the connections between them. This happens when we select a thought on the basis of its content. Is this process of selection free? Not necessarily. It depends how it is done. What if it is done untruly? Then we have a thought that is selected as a basis for action, untruly, and this provides the appropriate condition for the action to be free.

    How can this be?

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