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The Waldorf Education chapter of Fair serves the Waldorf Education community in the Unites States. The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing civil rights and liberties for all Americans, and promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding and humanity. With the rise of viewpoint discrimination and neo-racist accusations of "white priviledge" there is an urgent need to reaffirm and advance the core principles of the civil rights movement. There are many reports of Waldorf teachers and familys being persecuted and even driven out of schools for their opposition to discriminatory school practices. FAIR Waldorf was formed to protect the rights of all. 

Join FAIR at https://www.fairforall.org/
Link to Waldorf Education FAIR Chapter page: https://www.fairforall.org/waldorf-education/
To learn more about the crisis in Waldorf Education go to Defending Waldorf.

FAIR Waldorf Education support services:
1. Training: Pro-Human video series based on Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom: https://philosophyoffreedom.com/video-course
2. Pro-Human Curriculum: https://www.fairstory.org/
3. Legal Help: Fill out a form to request legal help https://www.fairforall.org/legal-network/
4. Publicity: We will produce and post a video describing your situation with a school
5. Contact school: Letter from FAIR to a Waldorf school in support of teacher or parent
6. Contact Anthroposophical Society: Letter to Pedagogical Section Council of North America

Note: Another legal option at Families for Educational Freedom here: https://familiesfored.org/get-legal-help/
Form letters for opting out of CRT lessons: https://familiesfored.org/opt-out-letters/

Contact Tom for more information.

Most Americans oppose critical race theory being taught in schools for good reason. You may want a social justice education for your children but research has shown that its pessimistic worldview will harm your child with an anxiety disorder. Anti-racist education indoctinates a child to become a political activist rather than to pursue their own dreams as described in Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom.

A Path Forward: Protecting Students’ Mental Health in a Divisive World
Webinar Description: Panelists discussed how ideologies that fixate on immutable traits contribute to childhood anxiety and depression, the ways human psychology is being manipulated to push illiberal ideas, the psychological impact of shaming and silencing speech, and much more.


CRT and the Law: What Parents Should Know video:

Here is a Critical Race Theory (CRT) checklist from Families For Educational Freedom: https://familiesfored.org/