In 1918 Rudolf Steiner said,"The purpose of The Philosophy Of Freedom is to lay the foundations of ethical individualism and of a social and political life."  The highest principle of an Ethical Individualist is to express one's moral ideas in life, that is, to take ethical action.

But the problem today is that many lack the motivation to take ethical action. The Philosophy Of Freedom is an answer to apathy by guiding the individual to their inner truth that will empower ethical action. Conceptualize the highest good that you can.

An example of Rudolf Steiner's ethical activism was his speaking out against Zionism. An ethical individualist will take a stand on issues where others may lack the courage.

Why Rudolf Steiner Opposed A Zionist State Of Israel
Being true to the principles of freedom and individuality in his Philosophy Of Freedom, "Rudolf Steiner was a critic of his contemporary Theodor Herzl's goal of a Zionist state, and indeed any other ethnically determined state, as he considered ethnicity to be an outmoded basis for social life and civic identity." wiki link

To learn about Rudolf Steiner's view on Zionism and calling someone an "antiSemite" read Steiner's article "The Desire Of The Jews For Palestine".

Moral Consistency
The Ethical Individualist strives to be true to himself which enables moral consistency. It is sad when a person who usually tries to do what is right is blinded to the plight of others due to in-group bias. In-group favoritism is a pattern of favoring members of one's in-group over others.

Here is a video about how an ethnically determined state will result in the oppression of the "other":