Comparative Study

Comparative Study
This self-study course uses the scientific method of comparative research. It is a way of learning that compares two experiences discussed in The Philosophy Of Freedom. It compares the experience of outer truth that we observe in the external world with the experience of inner truth that appears within.


Striving For Individuality - Steps #1 to #12
Compare Individuality with Conformity
Introduction: The Goal Of Knowledge Part 1

Striving For Inner Truth - Steps #13 to #24
Compare Inner Truth with Outer Truth
Introduction: The Goal Of Knowledge Part 2

Striving For Freedom - Steps #25 to #36
Compare Freedom with Lawful Necessity
Chapter 1 Conscious Human Action

Striving For Knowledge - Steps #37 to #48
Compare World-Content with Thought-Content
Chapter 2 The Fundamental Desire For Knowledge

Striving To Think - Steps #49 to #60
Compare Observing with Thinking
Chapter 3 Thinking As A Means Of Forming A View Of The World

Striving To Perceive - Steps #61 to #72
Compare External Object with Ideal Element
Chapter 4 The World As Perception